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Penis enlargement
made simple

If you pull it, it will grow. That is the conclusion of thousands of men. The simplest method is called Jelq, or milking, in which you just use your hands and some lubricant. Here are two other techniques:

The Drumstick technique for pulling
This is a very cheap, effective implementation of the
PowerJelq (

1 Two pieces of wooden dowel, ~1/2" (13 mm) diameter by ~7" (18 cm) long.

How to use: hold sticks with two hands. Place penis in the middle between the sticks. Gently squeeze and pull. Make each pull last about three seconds. Do this for 15 minutes each day. You may get an erection; it doesn't matter.

2 For one handed use, join the two pieces by drilling holes at one end and connecting them with a piece of wire (or key ring).

Hanging weights
This is cheaper, and actually more comfortable once you master it, than the
Bib Hanger (

3 To hang weights, you can use the same pieces or cut shorter pieces (~4" (10 cm). Put the attached side back (toward your anus) and close the front side with a loop of wire so the sticks are firmly clamped over the sides of your penis, back from the head (glans). For comfort, you may need to wrap your penis first with a small piece of cloth or toilet tissue. Put an ~8" (20 cm) diameter loop of string over the sticks, with one side of the loop over the front of the two sticks and one part of the loop over the back of the two sticks. Bring the sides of the loop down and together at the sides, and hook them to an S-hook and attach your weight. This requires experimentation to make it comfortable for you.

Start with 1-2 pounds (500 g - 1 kg). Hang for 10 minutes, remove device and rest for ten minutes. Aim for one hour actual "hang time" both morning and evening. Use anything you can find for weight.

4 For added comfort, you can slip a piece of vinyl tubing over the sticks.


If you experience sharp or persistent pain, you're doing something wrong.