So what's wrong with what you've got?

Know yourself. Confront your own fears, shame and anxieties. Write everything down as you sort through your memories and feelings::

  • When did you first think your penis was small? Why?
  • Who was with you? Did that person do or say something?
  • Were you embarrassed?
  • What if you could go back to that situation, with a bigger penis?
  • Does anyone else care how big your penis is? Why?
  • Have you ever felt your penis was perfect? What was the situation?
  • Can you imagine your penis being perfect a few months from now?
  • What (or whose) do you want your penis to look like, ideally? 

Build self-esteem. For some people, positive self-esteem comes naturally. Most of us need to work on it. Say to yourself: "I LIKE myself." Smile when you say it. Say it again! And again! Tell yourself hundreds of times each day, with feeling: I LIKE my self... I LIKE my self... I LIKE my self..."

Talk to others. That's what forums are for!