Tom Hubbard's Penis Workshop


AFB universal penis weight hanger

Here's a simple, effective AFB hanger made from a free large paint stirrer from Lowe's. You can also use a wooden ruler or any other piece of wood that works. See the archives for the evolution of the design, other construction ideas, and basic suggestions for hanging weights.

Cut two pieces, drill and shape as shown.

Tie the 'back' ends together with a string, leaving extra to connect at the front.

Secure a second string through the 'front' hole.

Add two or three beads, and tie a knot in to hold them in place. You will, no doubt, need to adjust the exact location of the knot later, so hopefully you can untie it!

Tie the 'back' string to the 'front' string. This makes the 'V' to which you can attach an S-hook.


Now comes the fun part - adjusting everything to fit you. Be patient! Take your time! Think of all the money you've saved! Note: before you make your adjustments, find some soft cloth to wrap around your penis. For additional grab, add another strip of latex (for example, from a cheap swim cap).

Thanks to Piet for his contribution to this design!