Techniques using just your hands

You can find many FREE descriptions of milking or jelq, as well as other manual exercises, on the web, I am not going to try to include them all here, or say that one is better then another.

I would like to suggest that pulling on your penis doesn't need to be as precise and complicated as sometimes described. And you certainly don't have to pay for someone's "program!"

"I am 33, and I know of penis enlarging methods since I was a teenager. It used to be a "secret" .... A boy would say "I think my penis is small..." and the good friend's advice would be "Then why don't you pull it out?". We had no idea were this method came from and we had no idea what an average penis would be. No one ever tried to make money from nobody. We just transferred this knowledge as we had learned it from other older boys.... One would strech his penis in a semierect condition by pulling it outwards, streching it "till it hurts".... This had results and I hadn't heard of anyone dissapointed.... We did that streching in no particullar order and no particular program. The more the reps, the more the results..."

(from the Forum, a long time ago)