Other penis enlargement ideas

penis weight hanging

Swim cap attachment: this is something I invented a few years ago. You take a piece of latex (i.e., from a swim cap) and wrap it around your penis, and then attach a weight to it. You can also roll it onto the end of a broomstick, roll it off so it looks like a condom, and roll it onto your penis. (See Old stuff link if you want details.) It's awkward, and limited, but better than...


penis loop attachment

..the Loop: this was my first clever homemade knockoff. It's surprising - considering how limited this design is - how many commercial devices use this principle. It twists the penis head upward with a vengeance, puts a lot of pressure on the dorsal area, where veins and nerves run. Basically, it's pretty dangerous, but it served him well :-)

penis weight hanger

Homemade 'Bib' hanger: Somebody told me years ago about using a rubber pipe clamp. He substituted foam pipe insulation and put it on my web site. Someone else improved on the design. Pretty cool the way these things develop. Foam pipe insulation is comfortable and warm. Though a bit awkward to attach and remove, this is comfortable and cheap, and allows considerable weight to be used. It's not clear clamp is in this photo. If you use a hose clamp, fit your electric screwdriver with a non-slip screwdriver blade (flat part in a cylinder of metal to prevent it coming off the screw and potentially gouging you). 

penis waist stretcherWaist stretchers: if you're impressed by the Penis Plus, here's an easy way to try it for a fraction of the cost. All you need is an Ace bandage and a little extra padding.

The taut line hitch is a great a knot that will serve you in many other ways (tying down loads on cars, for example). Here's a diagram (thank you, Boy Scouts!):

light penis weights

Light penis weights: if you're impressed by the Circle Device, it's not to hard to muster up some light weight and wrap it onto to little Johnny for a test drive. You can find 1-pound "Prospirit" wrist weights in a Target store that work well. Put one around dick; use an elastic band to clamp the excess closed. Inconspicuous, comfortable, and it stays on well. You can also use two at the same time, though that's quite bulky for public use. Peabody told me about golf club weights, but I've never seen them in a store. In the picture, he's secured them with the swim cap.

penis vacuum pump

Vacuum penis pumping: do this for fun, but don't get your hopes up for permanent results anytime in this century (or the next), despite the donkey dicks in the ads.

Pumping can feel great, and makes your dick real big for an hour or two afterward before all the gains go away.

But it gives little if any permanent result, plus you have the risk of blisters, discoloration, bruising; risk of burst capillaries; risk of temporary impotence.

penis surgery

Penis enlargement surgery: expensive and dangerous. No, it is NOT possible to make the penis longer through surgery (unless they come up with a penis transplant). It's basically an illusion. Though surgery techniques may be improving, why bother when you can get a bigger penis for, at most, a few dollars?

The procedure to "lengthen" the penis is by cutting the suspensory ligament. This gives the appearance of a longer penis but does not actually increase its length. It also makes the penis more unstable during intercourse and in do course more susceptible to injury. This surgery leaves a permanent scar. And a lower angle of erection (provided the surgeon doesn't screw up, and you never have an erection again). And - surprise! - without weights* after surgery, a person's penis may become shorter than before, as the body repairs the butcher's damage.

The other method of enlargement is by injecting or grafting fat from elsewhere on the body around the penis to create a fatter penis. This gives the appearance of a fat, wide penis but not longer. These procedures are not recommended and have very high complication rates.

*Question: if weights alone produce genuine lengthening, why would a greedy, selfish plastic surgeon ever recommend surgery? Especially if he's going to tell you to use weights afterward? And especially since the weights do the job on their own?

foam penis enlarger

Foam insulation 'Shafter': this is another of my inventions that Tom abandoned fairly quickly. It was based on some story from Papua New Guinea. It uses foam pipe insulation. He got the biggest scare of his PE career when heI attached a couple of pounds to this and forgot about it for a while - it really looked like it had done permanent damage.