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Are you ready?

How much do you care about having a bigger penis - and why? If you're just curious, not real concerned, skip this part.

However, if this gnaws at your self-confidence as it did mine, then I suggest you make an effort to identify how you got here. Find a quiet place and give yourself permission - tell yourself it's OK - to become aware of your feelings and recall how you got to your current state. I suggest you write down your responses to the following, and add to them as more (if any) memories and feelings emerge:

  • when did you first wonder if your penis was small?
  • when did it start to really bother you?
  • when you think of your penis now, what do you think of?
  • what do you feel?
  • list every incident you can remember that caused you anguish or discomfort because of penis size
  • list any person who has consciously or unconsciously caused you to feel bad about your penis size

Now work on letting go of your attachment to these feelings and memories that affect your self-image. Be done with them! If you have the resources, I recommend the Sedona Method (audio course, or much less expensive book) for letting go of feelings, but even something a simple as deep, slow breathing can work wonders.

Breathing in, say "I love and accept myself exactly as I am."

Breathing out say "I choose to release my anxiety about...[specific memory or feeling]" or "I choose to forgive ________ for doing/saying _________. This memory no longer determines how I feel about myself."

Keep going until you can feel your burden lightening. Make this a habit: it's like peeling an onion as you reach deeper into the memories that, unchallenged, control your emotions.

What you think and, more important, feel, literally creates your reality. Think positive thoughts, and remind yourself to accept and appreciate the good about yourself, rather than slip into habitual negative thinking. No one can make you feel bad, or good. That's your choice, your response to a situation. Make that choice consciously, and positively, and it will help you in all aspects of your life.

Get set!


When your dick starts getting bigger, you'll feel it. You may notice it looks just a little different in the mirror. But is it real, or just your imagination? There's only one way to know: measure before you start PE.


Tom Hubbard's Practical Penis Enlargement:  measure penisErect length: stand at a right angle to a mirror, hold erection straight out from your body. Press ruler against your pubic bone. Looking in the mirror, measure to the tip of the penis. I've found this more reliable than holding the ruler on the side and looking down.

Tom Hubbard's Practical Penis Enlargement:  measure penis'Dead stretch': an alternate way to measure erect length without an erection...hold penis behind the head and pull straight out and measure. With a little practice, you can learn to match this measurement to your erect length.

Tom Hubbard's Practical Penis Enlargement:  measure penisErect Girth: with a cloth measuring tape, measure the circumference of your erect penis at mid-shaft. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and then measure it with a ruler.

Tom Hubbard's Practical Penis Enlargement:  measure penisMeasure visually: compare your flaccid penis in the mirror with some object that will be around a few months from now - a toilet paper tube or deodorant container. A visual comparison is powerful. You'll know for sure it's not in your head!


A couple of years after starting my first web site in 1997, someone sent me this in an email. I consider it the most profound thing I have read concerning penis enlargement:

...it used to be a "secret" .... A boy would say "I think my penis is small..." and the good friend's advice would be "Then why don't you pull it out?". We had no idea were this method came from and we had no idea what an average penis would be. No one ever tried to make money from nobody. We just transferred this knowledge as we had learned it from other older boys.... One would stretch his penis in a semierect condition by pulling it outwards, streching it "till it hurts".... This had results and I hadn't heard of anyone dissapointed.... We did that streching in no particullar order and no particular program. The more the reps, the more the results....

Tom Hubbard's Practical Penis Enlargement:  manual penis stretching positions

You can make it as simple or complicated as you want.

However, given a road map, you might find it worthwhile to follow a program of manual exercises that has worked for someone else. Don't pay for it! You can find ample instructions, illustrations, even videos at Thundersplace.

If you can get results without them, why fuss with building devices?