Does it work? YES!

My quest for a larger penis started when I compared mine to a toilet paper tube. "Some guys are that big," I though, "what would THAT be like?"

To make a long story short, it's fabulous. The increased length is nice for my ego. the increased girth was what my partner noticed. The whole process occured in about 4 months - just over 140 hours of 'hang time.' It took over a year to get used to feeling "some other guy's penis" in my hand!






inches cm inches cm


SOFT - length (typical)

3 7.6 4.251 10.8

+ 42%!

SOFT - diameter

1 2.5 1.25 3.2

+ 25%!

HARD - length2

6 15.25 7.25 18.4

+ 21%!

HARD - girth (mid-shaft)

5 12.7 5.5 14

+ 10%!

1 up to 5" (12.7 cm)
2 ruler pressed against pubic bone, penis perpendicular to body

Are the gains permanent?

YES. I achieved these results between July and November 1996. My penis has not gone 'back to normal' since.

I still hang weights from time to time (I am hanging nine pounds using the swim cap technique as I write this), and milk regularly. While the gains have not gone away, I have added, if anything, only the tiniest amount since - perhaps 1/8".

How did you do it?

How much gain is possible?

I don't know. I suspect using these techniques in adolescence, during normal growth, would achieve larger results. But maybe not. My gains 'petered out' after four months, and I stopped hanging weights regularly. From time to time, I try to restart the process - but also, hanging weights feels good!

How can I make my penis larger?

First, I cannot promise ANY technique will work for you. Some men have fabulous results; others have none. (Also, some simply give up before they start.)

If you can do it, use weights with the swim cap attachment. Definitely do milking. Avoid vacuum penis pumps unles you simply enjoy the experience. Stay clear of surgery - very risky. Other techniques - the light all-day wright ('Circle Device') and stretchers - do not appear to be as effective as simply hanging weights.