*_ M E N T A L _ ST U F F _ *

What a difference an inch makes !

You're curious about penis enlargement, or uncertain about your penis size, or wishing you could swing in the locker room with the big boys, or wishing just for once your lover would say 'wow!'

I'm with you - or at least I was.

In four months, with a rigorous (4 hours a day) routine of hanging heavy weights, I went from the humility of fumbling at the urinal to find my penis, only to have it point straight out of my pants and splash on the back the urinal to . . . easily snagging it out of my pants with one finger and watching it flop down and hit water. And I'm nowhere near as 'pee-shy' as I used to be!

From always needing to hold my penis down every time I sat on a toilet to . . . NOT cursing round toilet seats!

From cringing at penis size jokes ('can you touch your asshole with your penis?') to . . . smiling at them (yes, I most certainly can ;-D)

From being amazed with guys whose jockstraps bulged to . . . being startled at my own bulging sweatpants as I passed a mirror.

From my penis retracting into itself when driving to . . . lying warm against my thigh, showing in my jeans.

From feeling a thin, round erection in my hand to . . . a erection that fills up my hand, the sides bulging.

In the forum and elsewhere, you'll read many accounts of men who have gotten similar results. But since you're here, wondering whether to trust me, let me tell you my story...