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Tom Hubbard Archives

Tom Hubbard started his Penis Workshop in 1997 with more ideas per page than most other resources and a penchant for low cost original penis enlargement ideas and variants of many commercial PE devices.

Since it's inception it has provided a resource for penis enlargement which has bucked fashionable trends and been cannibalised by others to produce fashionable trends. Tom's ideas have been taken by others as a basis for their own designs and have been simply ripped off and renamed for commercial ventures.

This is an archive and presents all of Tom's sites, some ideas therefore appear more than once and are developed over time. The formatting of each page has been altered to allow navigation across the archives but the words, pictures and ideas are Tom's. On each page you will find a link to the original page with the original formatting.

Classic Site

The Classic site is Tom's site as it was before 2001. It covers the basic manual penis enlargement techniques (milking or jelqing and stretching) and details the BC muscle exercise the kegel, can exercise from which women an also benefit from sexually.

The site contains possibly the most simple and effective hanger: Swim Cap Hanger, with a step by step guide. It shows Tom's original and dangerous Loop Hanger with a discussion of the dangers.

It introduces the ADS (all day stretch) concept with the hiker style later modified into the simple ADS device shown in the forum Simple ADS Video.

Tom also discusses his ideas on penis pumps and shows how to construct a penis pump for pennies.

The cons and cons of penile surgery are listed and discussed briefly.


2001 Site

The 2001 site is a broad view of penis enlargement, with sharp focus in distinct areas. The stressing of simplicity and preciseness informs the sections on measurement and anatomy. Avoiding injury and making good progress involves an understanding of what is being effected and by how much.

This site introduces the drumstick concept which is later developed in the 2001 Drumstick Site and the golf weights ADS concept.


2001 Drumstick Site

This site takes the Drumstick concept outlined in the previous site to a further level, using the drumsticks as both a jelqing device and a hanging device.

Drumsticks are the jelq stick / power jelq concept but unlike the commercial 'jar lifter' variant are low cost, simple and invulnerable.

Drumsticks develop into the AFB hanger in Tom's next site.


2002 Site

Again extending the Drumstick concept by focusing on their application as a jelqing device with the handy moniker of Jelq Sticks, here Tom details an improved construction.

Drumsticks as a hanging device are also extended as a concept into the AFB Hanger. This hanger has been used by many people in various forms to hang extreme weights, and here Tom demonstrates hanging 30 lbs.

The AFB concept, design, and use is covered in detail. Tom's first penis enlargement videos show the use of the AFB hanger from start to finish with Led Zeppelin in the background.

This site also covers the construction of the Ball Zinger. This device has been copied and sold commercially, renamed, and hyped, but the original design for this homemade Blakoe Ring was first published in this version of Tom's site. It is also the forebear of the $0.02 Ball Zinger variant created in 2004.


2003 Site

Tom's 2003 site add a whole new device idea for reversing circumcision and some information on alternate Galvanic materials for the Ball Zinger.

This site is lean and mean, with the original format linking back to this archive for more general information. It provides a concise guide to the AFB hanger introduced in the previous site.

It illustrates Tom's love for PVC piping in graphic detail in a way that few people could argue with, showing how to take a minimal cost approach to the main mechanical penis enlargement methods.