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Swim Cap Penis Hanger - Step by Step

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Swim Cap penis attachment technique


  1. Speedo latex swim cap package, Part# 71239
  2. 4"x8" cardboard cutout template
  3. cord with slipknot and hook
  4. Formula 409 or similar cleaner
  5. White PVC 1/2" i.d. pipe (3/4" o.d.)
    Alternate: 3/4" wooden dowel; wooden toilet plunger handle is the right size.

Swim Cap Step by Step

Step 1. Prepare latex

Use 4"x 8" cardboard template to cut out a section of the swim cap. Thoroughly wash the latex, using soap or cleaner. When dry, it should stick to itself.After cleaning and rinsing latex sheets, they should cling to itself (glossy side inside).

Note about color: white latex seems to be the stickiest. Blue is next, black least sticky.

Step 2: Wrap onto pipe

Wrap latex around 1.75" of PVC, glossy side against PVC. Make sure first wrap layer has tension.

Step 3: Roll off pipe

Roll latex off PVC into condom form.

Step 4: Roll onto penis

Begin rolling condom onto glans.

When condom is about halfway on, it will grab enough to stretch condom/penis and roll on rest of way.

Step 5: Test grip

Condom should cover glans plus 1/4 inch.

Pull firmly to test grip.

You are now ready to attach weights.

Step 6: Attach weight

Tie an S-hook onto cotton cord. Tie free end of cord around latex. Hang weight from hook.

Weight can be anything convenient and/or inconspicuous: an empty plastic bottle with water (one US pint = one pound; one liter = one kilogram). Start with 2-3 pounds (1 kg +), and add weight every week or so. With this attachment, some people comfortably hang ten pounds (3.93 kg) or more.

Very important

  • remove weight every 10-15 minutes for a 5-10 minute break to restore circulation
  • It's also a good idea to do PC exercises while hanging to encourage circulation
  • do not allow penis to become cold
  • for maximum progress, aim for two hours 'hang time' daily