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Have you got balls? I mean, really got balls? Balls that swing?

Stretching the skin of your scrotum is simple. For five minutes or so a day (perhaps before you get out of bed in the morning), simply pull your balls down, or to the side. Every time you go to the bathroom, give a half dozen gentle but firm tugs. Within a week, you'll start noticing a difference

If you're a high rider, there's something awesome about feeling your balls on your legs. It's almost like going through puberty again: you'll keep reaching down and thinking wow! Is that really me? If you don't wear boxers (and do like underwear), try 'bikini freeballing' (see picture) when you don't need support. Best of both worlds ;-)

Consider this...

"I am 33, and I know of penis enlarging methods since I was a teenager. It used to be a "secret" .... A boy would say "I think my penis is small..." and the good friend's advice would be "Then why don't you pull it out?". We had no idea were this method came from and we had no idea what an average penis would be. No one ever tried to make money from nobody. We just transferred this knowledge as we had learned it from other older boys.... One would stretch his penis in a semi-erect condition by pulling it outwards, stretching it "till it hurts".... This had results and I hadn't heard of anyone disappointed.... We did that stretching in no particular order and no particular program. The more the reps, the more the results..."

~ from the Forum, a long time ago


Some General Penis Enlargement Advice

  • Be patient. Haste makes waste.
  • Perseverance furthers. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • Record time spent each day, and what you did.
  • No pain! some soreness is normal.
  • Know yourself. Confront your own fears, shame and anxieties. Write everything down as you sort through your memories and feelings::
    • When did you first think your penis was small? Why?
    • Who was with you? Did that person do or say something?
    • Were you embarrassed?
    • What if you could go back to that situation, with a bigger penis?
    • Does anyone else care how big your penis is? Why?
    • Have you ever felt your penis was perfect? What was the situation?
    • Can you imagine your penis being perfect a few months from now?
    • What (or whose) do you want your penis to look like, ideally? 
  • Build self-esteem. For some people, positive self-esteem comes naturally. Most of us need to work on it. Say to yourself: "I LIKE myself." Smile when you say it. Say it again! And again! Tell yourself hundreds of times each day, with feeling: I LIKE my self... I LIKE my self... I LIKE my self..."
  • Talk to others. That's what forums are for!
  • Make the best of what you've got...
    • Trim your pubic hair to make your penis look bigger.
    • Exercise! Reducing body fat makes your penis look longer.
    • Don't pee before showering in the locker room. Your penis will be larger.
    • a quick tug or two can add "instant size" before undressing, especially after you've been milking for a while. Of course, this might not be cool if you end up with an erection in the locker room!
  • Do Kegel exercises