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Is it possible?

Obviously you're curious. Is it really possible to grow a bigger dick? What's it like? How do you do it?

Here you'll find simple, straightforward, and honest information to help you decide whether it's for real or not, and get started on PE (penis enlargement) if you choose to.

When I started this site, in 1997, you didn't hear much about penis enlargement. Now it's everywhere on the web. There's a lot of nonsense out there, and most of it's for sale.

I'm not selling anything. I've deliberately kept my descriptions as concise as possible. It's really pretty basic: you pull on it, and over time it grows. This ain't rocket science!

General advice
Measuring your penis
Use your hands for penis enlargement
Use weights for penis enlargement
Penis anatomy
Other ideas

It Feels Good

"I was determined to get surgery before I found your page. I had actually made an appointment to go and was absolutely ready to do it... I actually ordered some of the stretching and hanging devices for a couple of hundred dollars before I finally found your page. Yours was a lifesaver! After going over EVERYTHING you had on your page I cancelled my doctors appointment, cancelled my orders and headed out to the store for parts! I built my hanging and stretching devices... I have legitimately gained almost 1/2 inch in one months time! I have I'd say almost 40 hours of hang time... I just want you to know that there really are people out there who appreciate your site more than you could ever know. I started out at about 4.5 inches length and have had women actually tell me I had the smallest penis they had ever seen. (Not a comforting feeling.) From all the surveys I have seen I know I was smaller than 99% of guys and needless to say I had a huge inferiority complex about it. With the weights I have gotten to about 5 inches in a very short amount of time and I can only hope that one day I can get over 6 inches..."


Site News

Jan 1 2001: February 2001 Playboy magazine features quotes from this site in an article on penis enlargement. Despite pretending to debunk the whole issue, they open with reference to the fact that it works -- citing the Karamojong tribe in northeastern Uganda, where boys come out of puberty with 18" penises they have to tie in knots,. Playboy quotes from this site, extensively outlining basic techniques, and debunking pumping.

May 19 2000: New rip-off site spotted. If they're stealing the exact words from this site to promote the program, what do you suppose they're selling?

Jan 20 2000: All About Penis Enlargement featured in the Boston Phoenix


General Advice

  • Measure your penis
  • Be patient. Persevere. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • Record time spent each day, and what you did.
  • Avoid pain. Soreness is OK. Sharp pain, stinging, burning, numbness, tingling are not OK.
  • Work on your feelings and attitude. Confront your own fears, shame and anxieties. I suggest writing everything down as you sort through your memories and feelings::
    • When did you first think your penis was small? Why?
    • Who was with you? Did that person do or say something?
    • Were you embarrassed?
    • What if you could go back to that situation, with a bigger penis?
    • Does anyone else care how big your penis is? Why?
    • Have you ever felt your penis was perfect? What was the situation?
    • Can you imagine your penis being perfect a few months from now?
    • What (or whose) do you want your penis to look like, ideally? 
  • Work on positive self-esteem. If you've got a bad attitude about your penis, it doesn't matter what size it is. For some people, positive self-esteem comes naturally. Most of us need to work on it. Try this: Say to yourself: "I LIKE myself." Smile when you say it. Say it again! And again! Tell yourself hundreds of times each day, with feeling: I LIKE myself... I LIKE myself... I LIKE myself..."
  • Talk to others. That's what forums are for!
  • Make the best of what you've got...
    • Trim your pubic hair to make your penis look bigger.
    • Exercise! Reducing body fat makes your penis look longer.
    • Don't pee before showering in the locker room. Your penis will be larger.
    • a quick tug or two can add "instant size" before undressing, especially after you've been milking for a while. Of course, this might not be cool if you end up with an erection in the locker room!
  • Do PC Exercises (Kegels)!