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A Quickstart Guide to Mechanical Penis Enlargement

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Oct 5 2008
6:06 PM

Hanging should never be the first penis enlargement technique tried. Though it may seem simple in concept to hang a not insubstantial weight from the penis and gradually stretch it over time, it requires a good level of knowledge to hang for penis enlargement safely, and this means a fair amount of research before any attempt to actually hang is made. There is a potential for long-term or permanent injury from hanging and this is particularly evident amongst those new to the techniques involved and unable to judge the risks effectively.

This manual contains a number of hanging resources, covering both techniques and construction of hanging devices. Hanging covers techniques involved from wrapping onwards. There is also a video explaining video explaining wrapping in depth and another showing hanging using a bib hanger though the technique translates to other hangers.

Hanging should never exceed 20 minutes in a session, due to a risk of cell necrosis. Hangers will often spend 10 hours a week hanging in multiple sets to gain enlargement. Typically sessions in a set will decrease in duration as the set advances due to reaching the fatigue point earlier in each set.

There are many different types of Hanger, from those like the AFB, The Captn's Wench, and the Bib Hanger which use a grip behind the glans, to Vaccuum devices which could maybe be considered a cross between the concepts of swimcap hanger and a penis pump, using a vacuum to stay in place.


ADS (All Day Stretching) is a technique of putting the penis under traction using a light to medium tension. The medical basis for lengthening tissue and bone through traction is well known and this is the backing evidence used by sellers of devices in this area. Using only an ADS device, in absence of a more rounded PE routine, may provide initial benefits through ligament stretching when starting PE (traction and/or hanging are also used post surgicaly in penile lengthing operations). Beyond initial quick gains, which may also be susceptible to quick losses and are easily acheivable without a traction device, sole use of a traction device has shown little empirical evidence of success. This may be because it takes hundreds of thousands of hours of use to effect a change and that the average user does or cannot use these devices for the time required.

The long term benefits of traction as part of a rounded penis enlargment routine is more ambiguous. The postulation for using an ADS device post routine is too "heal" the penis in an "extended state".

Traction devices are cumbersome and though often sold as a way of enlarging the penis invisibly whilst the user gets on with his day, they will not fit invisibly under normal garments. The majority of penis enlargement device based spam is generated from, if maybe indirectly, traction device resellers. Devices that use a noose type attachments behind the glans are considered dangerous and have been repeatedly shown to cause long term nerve injury.



Clamping is a technique for increasing penis girth which may also increase length as a side benefit. It involves using a mechanical tourniquette around the base of the penis, preventing the outflow and sometimes inflow of blood from the penis. This is a technique which can result in very large internal pressures and, as such, there have been many documented injuries even amongst those who might be considered experienced in other penis enlargment techniques. Clamping should never be attempted prior to gaining several months experience wiht other more gentle techniques.

Reported results have varied from none to extremely large increases in girth and more minor increases in length.

Typically a cable clamp or a hose clamp is used to effect the tourniquette.

There are many resources on this site and the forum detailing clamping in some detail.



Vaccuum penis pumping is used for penis enlargement, to combat mechanical erectile dysfunction, and in fetishistic sex. The efficacy of pumping for penile enlargement in absence of a wider routine is often thought to be low. A rounded routine might consist of alternating jelqing and pumping several times. This usage of pumping has reportedly had good effect. Lower pressures are often considered to be more efficacious than higher pressures.

This manual contains a full description of pumping and how best to achieve results. There is also a Pumper's Forum which contains many articles concerning the use and construction of home made pumps.