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Free penis enlargement on the Internet has a solid history dating back to probably the earliest exponent, Tom Hubbard, whose free forum is the first one I can remember. His archives form an appendix to this manual.

Most people, when I started penis enlargement, went the penis enlargement paysite route, where you pay for information. I started that way but pretty soon I realized I was learning more from the free and now defunct forum associated with it. With a few friends from that forum, Thunder's Place was started as a small donation funded forum, which has grown over time.

You learn many things over the years, and with penis enlargement there are some lessons that don't come cheap. Things like: pills and money don't make your dick bigger, secret sauce at only $40 a pop guaranteeing 3" gains is fiction, a lot of the PE devices on the market now are junk. Consistent work for an extensive period of time (there are no shortcuts!!) is the only way to increase the size of your penis without surgery, but it's also a lot safer than surgery.

Read this manual and any other information on penis enlargement with your brain switched on. Don't assume that anything you read is definitive or necessarily the best route for you.



This manual contains adult content of an educational nature. The site is tagged with information to allow blocking by parental filters. If you are easily offended by adult topics, nakedness or pictures of penises, you should leave.

Thunder's Place penis enlargement tutorial videos are not on this site, though they are linked throughout.

If you are new to this, consider joining our penis enlargement forum for advice from those with practical experience. Penis enlargement can cause permanent damage and you use the techniques here at your own risk. Minimize any risk by reading as much as possible here and elsewhere before committing to a program.

This manual is the work of multiple authors and though some parts were peer reviewed during their creation and written to form a cohesive whole, others are the work of a single author and should be read in that light. Many sections contain examples of how these techniques have been put to use.

Penis enlargement is a long term commitment. Despite what the scammers say, you cannot gain anything other than a temporary increase in hang from popping a penis enlargement pill, rubbing on a cream or ointment, or applying a patch.

Table of Contents

  1. Penis Anatomy
    A knowledge of penile anatomy and closely associated anatomy will aid in effective targeting of enlargement exercises and help minimize any risks
    1. Locating the BC muscle
      This section deals with the anatomical basis of the kegel, a muscle based exercise which increases erection strength, and is used in other PE exercises.
  2. Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises
    1. JAI Stretch
      Johan's Active Isolated stretch is a method for avoiding the kickback reflex of the BC muscle, using a common athletic technique.
    2. V-Stretch
      A stretch which increases the tension in portions of the penis, using two hands to manipulate the tension gradient in the penis.
    3. Fowfer
      A stretch which which may increase flaccid length.
    4. Jelq and Jelqing
      Jelqing is a deceptively simple method to increase length and girth and to improve the general health of the penis. A great number of the benefits are derived from understanding the minutiae and then spending some time improving upon technique.
    5. Sadsak Head Exercise
      This is an exercise designed to target glans size.
    6. Sadsak Slinky
      An advanced girth exercise based on bending the penis in a slinky-like manner.
  3. Manual Penis Enlargement Routines
    Exercises need to be organized to provide an effective regimen for growth.
    1. Newbie Routine
      This routine is a good starting point. It can be modified to accommodate PE'ers of all levels
    2. Sizemeister's Routine
      Two intense routines, the first a hanging based routine and the second a completely manual girth routine.
    3. Ulistretch's Routine
      A girth routine and description of the Uli#3 exercise.
  4. Mechanical Penis Enlargement Techniques
    1. Quickstart Guide
    2. Hanging
      Hanging is not a safe first step for beginners, but this guide is the best chance of making a safe transition from manual exercises. Hanging involves using a device to place the penis under heavy load for short periods of time.
      1. Wrapping for Hanging, Girth and Traction
        Wrapping is an essential part of hanging, without mastering this tricky area, successful hanging is unlikely.
      2. The Captn's Wench
        The Wench is a make at home hanging device made from easily obtained parts that is truly simplicity itself to construct and doesn't require a workshop of tools.
      3. Bib Hanger
        The Bib Hanger was the first modern hanger to depart from the noose style which was known for causing injury. It is a well know and well used make at home hanger which spawned a commercial derivative.
    3. Traction
      Almost every penis enlargement spam site sells some kind of variation of a traction device, from the Jes Extender to the Penimaster. These devices are often expensive and dangerous.
      1. Zekeman's Stretcher
        This traction device avoids the nasty noose style attachment of the majority of commercial devices and thus reduces the chance of injury.
    4. Pumping
      Penis pumping is largely associated with temporary gains, fetish and as a cure for erectile dysfunction. However, it is actually a useful technique when used with thought and in combination with other techniques.
      1. Pumping 101
    5. Extreme Uli's and Clamping
      Extreme Uli's are the mechanical form of the Uli#3 exercise. Traditionally this involves using a hose clamp with some padding, more recent methods utilize the cable clamp.
      1. Uli Thing
        This Bib design is a device for protecting the penis from the potential ravages of a hose clamp.
      2. Clamping 101
        Clamping is the term applied to Extreme ULI's using a cable clamp rather than a hose clamp. The cable clamp has the advantage of quick application and removal.
    6. Jelq Sticks
      Jelq Sticks are an alternate to manual jelqing, with some advantages and some disadvantages. This article covers the parts required to make a device similar to that commercially available and details the use of the two main designs.
      1. Power Jelq
        The "Power Jelq" or "Jelq Device" is a commercial jelqing device. This article covers a make at home equivalent.


  1. Tom Hubbard's Penis Workshop
    Tom's work takes the subject of Penis Enlargement and deals with it in an incisive and clear cut manner. These archives of his material focus mainly on devices but touch most areas.
    1. Classic
    2. 2001
    3. 2001 Drumsticks
    4. 2002
    5. 2003
  2. Other Resources
    Real world examples of the effects of penis enlargement and other useful discussions.
    1. Lubricant for Penis Enlargement
      An important part of most manual girth exercises is lubrication. This details some interesting alternatives.
    2. Bib - 19 months
      Bib's roundup of his experience after 19 months of PE.
    3. Hanging Sets - In Depth
      A detailed discussion between Dance and Phat
    4. Blood Collection During Hanging
      High pressure in the glans during hanging is to be avoided, this discussion details some of the problems.

Many of the articles in this manual are high quality works, they take a subject area small or large and dissect it. Some of the articles are part of a concerted effort to produce a digest of penis enlargement topics, others are simply good articles written by forum members. All the ideas have been field tested by forum members and shown to be of worth.