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Uli's Routine - Repost from old PE Forums

Feb 6 2000
1:32 AM
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My personal experience

I was fortunate enough not to be lacking in size when I began this episode. I began jelqing exactly
two years ago, partly as a dare from my girlfriend. No weights, not devices,
nothing other than the old well lubricated fingers.

I began with a length of 7 3/4 inches, circumference of 6 inches, and am
now at 9 1/4 inches with a circumference of 8 1/2 inches. Jelqing really does
work, particularly in thickness...and I do 3 stages:

1) Stretch the ol' weenie while in a totally flaccid state, applying as much pulling
pressure as is not painful. After 15 pulls, you should begin to get a semi
2) Grease your son with a lubricant and jelq for at least 200 strokes, as instructed
elsewhere on this excellent web site.
3) Beginning at the base of your penis shaft, still while in a semi-erect state,
encircle the shaft in a tight OK finger grip and move your "finger ring" towards
the meatus, engorging the shaft and the penis head. Squeeze 5 times, let up
the pressure, and repeat this routine 10 times.
4) This final exercise will dramatically increase the size of your penis head and and
much girth to the penis, but you must do it without fail every AM and PM. My meatus is nearly 9 1/8 inches in circumference, so large my girlfriend sometimes
experiences pain during sex unless I keep it very slick with lubricant.

I have no personal experiences with weights, stretching devices, etc. so I will not be judgemental..they may and probably are effective. In fact, the other methods would probably enhance your progress. The above is just my personal

Do not judge your progress in terms of days or the beginning, you
will see little change. Give it 6 months minimum. Your penis size can best be
ascertained by your lover...they always will feel the positive change!!

Feb 6 2000
2:02 AM
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I just started jelqing a few days ago, using exactly the same routine that you described. How long did it take for you to first notice any difference?

Feb 6 2000
2:28 AM
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Fingers only?

Sounds like digital enhancement!

This is encouraging, because seems available to anyone. I have a friend who hasn't started yet, who might like to hear this. Thanks,


Feb 12 2000
9:57 PM
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I noticed no improvement for at least 6 weeks, but my girlfriend then
reported our sex was getting even better. At around 2 months from
beginning, we could see the girth was definitely larger..and from then on
there was steady growth. Good luck!!

Feb 13 2000
5:45 PM
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Could you please clarify your step 3 above?,

Is this essentially a tighter, slower milking stoke? If not, just how does it differ from a milking stroke?

Do you do the 5 squeezes after you've reached the head? Are these 1-second squeezes or much longer?

Are you using the overhand OK-sign position, with the thumb underneath, the forefinger wrapped over the top, and the little finger farthest away from the body?

Are you squeezing the head or the shaft, or both?

I guess I'm just having trouble picturing exactly what you're doing.

And I guess I should also ask you whether you use the overhand position for the regular milking strokes.


Feb 13 2000
10:19 PM
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Reply to questions from Peabody

Peabody, In Step #3, I don't use a milking motion. With a 3/4 erection, no
more (for safety sake, perhaps!), slide your overhand OK sign fingers firmly
up the shaft, engorging the meatus and at least half the shaft. Hold that
position, trapping the blood, and pump you hand forward to further engorge the
head and shaft. Each pumping stroke is about 1 second, during which the
engorged section will very visibly increase in size. Don't overdo it in the
beginning. After a few weeks you can safely apply more pressure. This is
particularly effective to develop a large snake head rather quickly. In fact, you
may truly surprise yourself at the rapid growth, if you just keep the routine.

To the second question, while milking I always use the overhand grip, with
particular pressure being applied to the sides of the shaft, where I think the
greatest growth takes place.

Hope this helps..good luck!!

Feb 14 2000
10:47 PM
Unregistered User

Please explain...

1. How long do you hold the stretch for?
3. Do you squeeze while stroking upwards? or do you Squeeze only after you have reached the tip of your meatus?


Feb 15 2000
4:10 PM
Unregistered User

Just a thought...

Or maybe someone with the knowledge could do a flash animation?

Feb 15 2000
9:46 PM
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another question

When you say you must do this both morning and night do you mean the entire routine or just exercise #3? Do you take any rest days or periods in you routine? Thanks. S&S.

Feb 16 2000
9:32 PM
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Have been doing this routine both morning and evening, with every 3rd
day off.

Feb 18 2000
8:42 PM
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Sorry to bother ulistretch.....

But I think you have the thickest @#%$ in the world !!!

Sounds as believable as Arnold Schwarzenegger visiting PE Forum !!!! :-)

Feb 18 2000
10:57 PM

I understand!!


Just when you think you know it all, someone proves you don't. Your step #3 (I think) could be just right for me. I have been trying for quite a while to increase my girth toward the head with some success. I tried your technique but realized I couldn't do it. I haven't been milking all the way to the end because I have to bend my back to far, and my back becomes uncomfortable (even sitting). I have had back problems for years.

I thought that could be my problem(not going far enough with enough pressure). So I wrapped my penis with thera toward the base, let it fill with blood, attached a hanger, and milked with the hanger. Man, I had a stretch on girth like I haven't had for a long time. I'm going to try this for at least a couple months. I think it is promising.

Thanks ulistretch,


Feb 19 2000
10:13 PM
sean jr
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back pain

maybe a coincidence, maybe a connection. I have been having lower back pains since I have started pumping. I attributed it to my sitting posture during pumping, or even jelqing. I do a lot of stretching and it goes away for a few days, but eventually comes back.

Any inputs, suggestions as to what to do about this nagging problem?


Feb 20 2000
7:53 AM
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To Buffalo

I would never mislead a fellow PE'er!! Hope someday we will have an opportunity on this forum to post photos of our successful PE
routines and the results thereof.

Actually, Buffalo, my gains are based on 2 years of penile exercise,
with virtually no progress initially and then the pay off coming after
much effort.

Please note I have had great improvement in girth and just so-so
in length.

Buffalo, What ever
programme you use, I wish you great success.

Feb 20 2000
8:25 AM
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Thanks, Bib....

I am old to PE but new to reporting my personal results. So I
appreciate your input.

Engorging the penis head and giving it a monster squeeze from the
shaft upwards created a meatus for me that a camel caravan driver
from Marrakesh would appreciate.

As for the lower back pain, may I report my own experience?

Here in Asia, we think that an over indulgence in sexual activity (too
many ejaculations in short order) weakens the kidneys, which in turn
leads to lower back pain. I suggest more kegels to control ejaculations
which will give one more stamina. This does not apply to young chaps
but only to we old farts of 35-plus years.

It can also be a kidney infection, very easy to take care of with anti-
biotics. No big problem.

With training, one may cum just once in every three sexual sessions,
yet have many climaxes each time. And you will have healthy kidneys
and probably no lower back pain. Your lady will love it as well.

Bib, you are the resident expert, so forgive me for giving the Guru of
Girth my ramblings!! Hope the back pain subsides.

Feb 20 2000
8:39 AM
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Re: Thanks, Bib....

I added #3 to my routine a week ago and can see that it might work. Wife noticed last nite that I have gotten thicker. Don't know yet if it is permanent or just a transitory thing. Will keep everyone posted as to the success of the technique. I respect Bib's input on any and all PE info. Started using the simple hanger 1 month ago and am very encouraged at the results!

Feb 20 2000
10:26 PM


Thanks for the back insight. This is a slipped disk injury from twenty years ago, but thanks for the concern.


Feb 20 2000
10:51 PM


Sorry, I had posted a message to you with the one above and I lost it. Glad I could help. Keep us posted on your progress. Thanks,


Feb 21 2000
8:38 AM
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Bib pls. note..

Sorry to have been so presumptuous as to assume your lower back
pain was a result of over indulgence in the "ring dang doo".

I, too, have had disc problems in the past, and can sympathize
with your pain. In retrospect, I think better to have back pain
resulting from too many ejaculations rather than from disc
problems, but this is not a perfect world!

Anything posted on this site by you or Bruiser is always of value to
me and I think to the other MEMBERS (if you know what I mean)
as well.

Viva la Monster Dickie!!


Feb 21 2000
12:09 PM
Unregistered User


i was just wondering if you could help me out with becoming multi orgasmic. i have been doing kegals for about 2 months now (at least 900 a day) and i have noticed my orgasms have become stronger. i haven't done anything with laying the towel over it or whatever because i cant figure that one out but i still don't have any control over my ejaculations i was wondering if you had any tips any comments on when to flex if that is what you do any input would be appreciated.


Feb 21 2000
2:23 PM
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First of all my congrats on your almost unbelievable girth gains... Goes without saying, hard work really makes a difference!.

Secondly your number #3 exercise is my routine now. This kind of workout really makes the snake looks and feel like a overweight anaconda of the amazons.

Thank's a lot ulistretch for your input. And go easy on your wife! :-)
see ya!
Alfonse :-D