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Sadsak Slinky - Repost from old Big Penis Forum




Because it is both very easy to overdo the bend and because bending with an erection can cause the stress to focus on a tiny portion of the penis, this exercise is considered to have a high risk factor and should not be attempted by those without both good familiarity with penile anatomy and many months of PE experience allowing the risk/reward relationship to be properly weighed.

Do not attempt this exercise whilst erect, allow the erection to fade after applying the base grip.

Sadsak Slinky - Repost from old Big Penis Forum

Mar 26 2000
6:39 PM

Great gains in girth in just 2 weeks! Take a look how!

Howdy all!!! Sadsak here. Well, I was waiting for the day when I take my two week measurements and I noticed that the head of my penis seemed to be smaller. That's just GREAT I thought, after all this work and things are shrinking!!!

Well, I decided to break out the measure tape a little early and to my shock I had gained 1/2" in girth in just under two weeks!

This is how I accomplished it:
First, while doing exercise #1 I noticed that when I stretch my penis in each direction, that it feels like I am only stretching the part of the penis that bends (which is the part right above the stationary hand).

So I thought, let's create that 'bend' ALL along the penis AND do the exercises up, down, left and right.

The way I do this is what I call the SLINKY technique.

We all know if you hold a slinky in two hands and rock it back and forth, the bend of the slinky moves from one end to the other.

While almost fully erect, I bend my penis in a 'U' shape pointing to the direction I am going.

So if I am going up, I curl my penis back towards my pubic hair.

If I'm going down, I curl it towards my testicles.

To the right, I try to point it to my right hip, same for the left.

Then, when I get it in the U shape (tight grips!) I slowly move my hand towards the head but keep the U shape going the whole way.This way, the stretch is being made the whole length of the penis and not just at the base.

Give it a try when you do exercise #1.

Let me know how it works after 2 weeks!