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A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

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A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Aug 18 2003
9:34 AM
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Alright, this thread was created to be a comprehensive listing of all of the manual exercises you may find a reference to here. All of the exercises that had a much better description than I could provide or more information than I care/have the capacity to regurgitate are hyperlinks. The exercises that I am unable to find a good thread on, I will describe to the best of my ability. Any mod is welcome to edit this top post as necessary to include new exercises so that it stays up-to-date, or any exercises that I neglected to mention. Of course, anyone else is welcome to add to this as well with opinions, any exercises I missed, or new exercises.


Jelqing is the primary PE exercise, most people who PE Jelq either for enlargement purposes or simply for penile health. The How To Jelq page covers this in more detail.



Simple Stretches

Standard Flaccid Manual Stretch

Everyone probably has their own variation of this one to some degree, so do what feels best to you. There are two ways that I myself do standard flaccid stretches which are as follows (both of which I read about long before I tried them, but I have no recollection of who to credit with either):

  1. Grab about an inch behind your glans with one of your hands and pull in a given direction. Hold for a count of 30 - 60 seconds and release.
  2. Use your chosen grip aid (baby powder, paper towels, rubber gloves, etc) and grab just behind the glans and pull in a given direction. Hold for a count of 30 - 60 seconds. When doing this variation of a flaccid manual stretch, you would want to retract your foreskin if you are not circumcised, and pull your skin back even if you are.

Because there are so many angles you can use doing flaccid manual stretches, you may feel the tension in the ligs, at the base, at the sides near the base, in the septum, in the shaft, or a combination of any of these places.

Squat Stretch

You can probably guess what this stretch is by the name alone. First, just kneel down, get a good grip on your penis, and pull towards the floor. There are a couple variations of this technique with the next step. In one of which, the hand is used to maintain the grip on the penis and the bottom of the hand is kept against the floor while you are unbending your knees. In the other, the penis is wedged between either the hand or foot and the floor. The idea is to increase the pull through the unbending of your knees by keeping your penis from moving upwards while doing so. I feel these stretches almost exclusively in the ligs, but also somewhat at the base on the sides.

Between the Cheeks Stretch

The BTC stretch may have been developed (or rather adapted) from BTC hanging: used to maximize the tension placed on the ligaments. The penis is pulled back through the legs towards or between the bottom cheeks. Probably the easiest way to do this particular exercise is to lay on your side and grab your penis from behind (under your leg) and pull away from the direction you are facing and in an upwards direction. You can vary the degree of stretch in the upwards direction until you find what feels best to you. Given the nature of this stretch, most men will feel an effect during and after the stretch in the suspensory ligaments around the pubic bone.

Over the Leg Stretch

The OTL stretch is an easy way to increase the power of a stretch using alternate means, in this case the power of the outer thigh muscles. It also focuses the stretch on one side of the penis at a time. Create an overhand grip in the normal manner. Close the legs together and then pull the penis over the thigh locating the thumb on the outside of the thigh pushing in to the tight muscles. From this point gradually open the legs. As you open them the strain should increase on the penis because the grip is locked to the thigh. Hold for up to 5 minutes and repeat on the other side. This stretch may have a side effect of creating definition in the thigh muscles.


The V-Stretch was designed by a physics teacher (MagnumXL). Essentially, you use one hand to stretch the penis (standard flaccid manual stretch style), and the thumb (or the thumb in conjunction with the index finger) on the other hand to push down at various points along the top of the shaft. The thread does a very good job of explaining the mechanism by which the V-stretches work, but I think there is one more thing about this stretch that deserves merit. This stretch targets the septum in a BIG way. Almost all of the tension I feel when doing this stretch is in the septum. Furthermore, when I do standard flaccid stretches at any angle after doing a set of V-stretches, I get the usual sensations I do whilst stretching in that particular direction, but the feeling in the septum is increased by a significant margin compared to what it usually feels like at that given angle. I read about these before I even did PE, but a huge thanks to bigplug who (by talking about his own experiences with them) piqued my curiosity to the point that I tried them. After doing these, it occurred to me that the septum might be a limiting factor for some men based on physiology. In particular, the thickness of the septum is directly proportional to the distance between the two CCs. That said, even if you are new or have been doing PE for a while, you have nothing to lose (but think about what you might stand to gain) by trying various exercises to find what works best for you.

The V-stretch stretch was developed in 2001 on the old Ezboard pe forum, and has seen extensive modifications. Often a dowel, pipe or broom handle has been used to provide the midpoint stress and sometimes this has been in combination with hanging. This was later also known as the fake arm stretch.


For 10 mins. using bib, bungy, and seated position, place dowel on top of thighs, pull member over dowel, attach bungy to bib, then stretch by attaching bungy over foot. Alternate by placing dowel under legs, member under dowel and strectch bungy up and around neck.

Another variation on the V-stretch is the A-stretch which the V-stretch in its inverted form using the wrist as the midpoint support.

fow1 04-12-2001 01:54 PM

Sizemaster's weighted V-stretch

Sizemaster: You may have come up with something here. You suggested I pull out on "Spike" as hard as I could and then hang a weight to perform a v-stretch.

I took a dumbbell and tied 2 ends of a small diameter (flexible) plastic tube to it. Inserted "Spike" into the loop. Pulled him straight out, and carefully stood up. Woah! What a stretch. Padded spike with a folded handkerchief. Held a while. Repositioned. Held a while. Repositioned. Held a while. I do see the potential for nerve damage, though. A plastic milk jug filled with water would be about 8 lbs. Perhaps a good weight for initial trials. Thanks man. Brainstorming like this can be very productive.

MagnumXL 04-10-2001 06:12 PM

I feel these mostly at the base (towards the bottom) and in the septum when I do them.


These stretches are done by standing up, grabbing your penis from behind your legs, stretching it as far as possible either up the crack or under one of your "cheeks" and sitting down on it. The idea is to maintain the stretch using the force of your own body weight. This exercise has been referred to as 'the lazy ass stretch'.

JAI Stretch

This stretch was invented by Johan and borrows from a concept known as active isolated stretching. The basic principle is to test a muscles "kick-back" reflex to see how long that particular muscle takes to respond (muscles usually respond with a contraction within 1 1/2 and 2 seconds,) to a strain placed on it, and get a stretch in before this "kick-back" occurs. When Johan applied this theory to his PE endeavors, the JAI stretch was born. Aside from avoiding the resistance of the PC muscle, this stretch would also seem to create more microtears when you factor in the force applied and concepts of repetitive loading.


Combining Stretches

A stretch has to be incorporated into a program to be of benefit. Often it is sensible to mix stretches. A reasonable program might consist of a mixture of stretches performed in series for a substantial amount of time ( a 20 minute session is not unusual).

Putting together a stretching routine can be a matter of experimentation, working to find out exactly what will provide the greatest benefit.

DLD Blasters

In essence this is not an exercise but a combination of previosuly discussed excercises in a set, including kegels, reverse kegels and stretching with and without a fulcrum point. Some people have found that this combination is a good starting point from which to develop their own stretching routine, others may have arrived at a routine that is as efficient in their own combinations. The major point of combining these elements in sufficient quantity and levels of stress is to effect a of tiring the BC muscle to the point where it is having no qualitative negative effect on the stress developed in the shaft. As with the standard flaccid manual stretch, I have noticed much variance in where I feel these dependent upon what angle I am hitting when I do them.

When it comes to intensity of manual stretching, you should work up to it. Do not start out pulling on your penis full-force, and never stretch when erect. Injuring yourself will do nothing but hinder your progress.


Girth Exercises

Jelq Squeeze

This exercise is a modification of jelqing technique to impact greatly on girth. There are many variations but the concept is to work on trapped blood in the penis creating highly controllable and great internal pressures. After lubing, create a static tourniquet standard OK grip at the base of your semi erect penis. With your second hand create an OK grip right above the first one, then move the grip up your shaft slowly, taking 3 seconds in a normaly jelqing move. Continue doing this and then change hands and repeat.

Horse 440

The Horse 440 squeeze works by expanding the tunica laterally via displacing of blood in the penis. Get a fairly good erection and place one hand firmly around the base of your penis so that no blood can escape. Then, loosen your grip and kegel in blood and clasp the hand at the base to keep the blood from leaving. Do this until you have a very firm erection, then form a tight "OK" grip with your other hand and slide it down over the head of your penis (remember to keep the hand at the base clamped tightly as you do this so that no blood escapes the CCs). What you are essentially doing is displacing the blood in the glans so that you can use the added volume to force the tunica to expand laterally. Because of the extreme amount of internal pressure involved in these exercises, they are often used in conjunction with jelqs where every X number of jelqs is followed by a horse squeeze (read as: be VERY careful with these).

ULI #3

This exercise is most effective for enlarging the glans and the upper shaft. That being the case, this is a great exercise for hangers as usually base girth is already increased by hanging. However, it is still an excellent exercise for hangers and non-hangers alike. As you have probably guessed, this particular exercise enlarges the head and upper shaft via displacement of blood in the lower part of the CCs (kind of the opposite of a Horse440). There are quite a few slight variations of this exercise, so I won't bother with a description. Check the Uli link for the original method, and then tweak it to your needs based on what feels most effective to you. It is worth mentioning that this exercise is easier to do and more effective with an aid such as Bib's Uli Thing.

Plumped Bend

This is sometimes called an erect bend but this is a misnomer. Bending when erect is not done, the erection subsides somewhat before a bend is attempted. Attempting to bend your penis while fully erect is dangerous but, whilst fully erect, creating a tourniquette and then bending the plumped penis once the erection has subsided is perfectly reasonable.

There are two ways I have tried this particular exercise. The first way involves just doing the bend which seems to work the septum in the opposite direction of the bend (e.g. - a downwards bend results in pressure being exerted on the septum in an upwards direction) as well as exerting some lateral pressure on the point forward of the bend. The other method I have used is the exact same, only use the other hand to clamp at the base. This restricts the blood flow through the veins (the pathway used to move blood out of the penis), and thus there is lateral pressure exerted on both ends of the bend. Although there is forced lateral expansion on both ends of the bend, this way does not feel like it works the septum as much as the other method (to me anyways). Watch the video and think about what you are watching and what it would feel like to do the same thing and you will not need me to tell you to be careful with this exercise. Do not bend while erect. Plumped bends require a fair amount of experience with PE and you understand what you can and cannot handle.

Sadsak Slinky

The Sadsak Slinky is a bend where the top of the bend is made to flow up the penis like a slinky. To do this you create a tourniquette grip at the base of your semi erect penis and then you wait for the erection to fade - bending down slightly on your penis can make this happen, it tries to protect itself.

Once your erection is gone, you bend your penis down with a grip at your glans, and the top pf the bend near the base. Then you slowly move your hand up and out to cause the top of the bend to move up the shaft, just like playing with a slinky. Once the bend reaches near your glans, you lower your hand and start again. Each wave through the penis needs to take 1-2 seconds.

Then you do the same thing again bending up, to the right and to the left.


NOTE: Many people (whom I definitely value the opinions of) suggest that one try to gain length before girth when doing PE. Regardless of whether or not you heed this advice, you should start out slowly with girth exercises as they have the potential to be very dangerous. On the positive side, if you do decide to gain length first you will have a better feel for your penis by the time you start working on girth.


Stretch Aids


Credit Where Credit is Due

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to my understanding of PE in any way. As much as I would love to name every single person I am thankful to (many of whom are no longer with us), I wouldn't even know where to begin ... not to mention this would probably become the longest part of this guide. However, I do feel obligated to at least individually name and credit those who contributed anything relevant to this post. So, (in order of mention) I would like to acknowledge:

  • MagnumXL for the V-stretch. fow1, Size, doublelongdaddy and RB for modifications
  • Horse440 for the Horse440 Squeeze
  • ulistretch for the Uli
  • doublelongdaddy for the blaster
  • RB and ZekeMan2000 for their stretch aids
  • fow1 for the fowfer
  • Johan for the JAI stretch
  • Bib (aka Bigger is Better) for the invention of the Uli Thing

Finally, thanks again to everyone who has helped me (directly or indirectly) in any way. Please trust that, even though their names may not be mentioned here, I am very grateful to MANY people nonetheless.



I would like to say that I am by no means a PE messiah or anything of that nature. I put together this guide as an easy reference for any type of manual exercise. I only bother giving what I feel when I perform particular exercises as a frame of reference. Since we are all different, a given exercise or angle might place tension on your penis in a completely different place than it does on mine. This does NOT indicate you are doing something incorrectly. Some men claim to feel the septum no matter where they pull. Men with a high LOT will likely feel their ligs on many stretches whereas men with a low LOT would feel it somewhere completely different.

Well, it was long I know. Hopefully you were hanging, stretching, or something while you were reading. Oh yeah ... not jelqing (unless you like your keyboard slippery). I hope this guide was informative as I tried my best to be as thorough as possible in giving both the methods and mechanics of the exercises herein.