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LOT Simulator

Feb 23 2005
6:49 AM
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LOT Simulator

Having confused myself regarding the nature and importance of LOT, I wrote this computer simulation to help to see the effects of tugback and loss of tugback.

It is especially important that the model properly represent the relevant anatomy. Please be sure to report any problems or inaccuracies. The model will be upgraded as needed.

The form at the top of the page controls body geometry. Click the "Update" button to paint the new arrangment on the picture. Alternatively, just move to a different text field with the tab key or mouse.

To simulate tugback, click the "Kegel" button. Click it again to relax tugback. On many systems it should be possible to simply hit enter to flip after the first click.

Please play with it and add your thoughts to the [thread=46206]feedback thread[/thread]. If you experience any technical problems to report, please add your browser variant and operating system to your post.

The following points will help you to understand the operation of the program:

  • All units are in millimeters.
  • Heavy line means structure is under tension.
  • Light line means structure is lax.
  • Attachment Point is where ligs attach to shaft.
  • Ligs extend from Pubic Symphysis to Attachment Point.
  • Inner penis spans from Ischiopubic Ramus to Attachment Point.
  • Outer penis spans from Attachment Point to Glans.
  • Tugback is simulated by shortening the BC Muscle by the Tugback Strength. Click the "Kegel" button to simulate tugback. Click it again to relax.
Lig attachment to
Pubic Symphysis:
LIG length:
Tugging angle: Inner Penis length:
Tugback strength: Outer Penis length: