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Jun 13 2003
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The V-Stretch is a method of stretching designed to exert greater forces on the tunica and ligaments than is possible by simply pulling on the penis from its point of attachment out along a single axis.

When performing simple stretches either manually or with the use of weights any force is exerted from the points at which the penis attaches to the body, outward along the internal structures that run the length of the penis, to the glans. The angle of the stretch will cause the stress to be borne unequally.

The V-Stretch works to help increase imbalances in the stress on the penis by incorporating a secondary transverse force. A larger than normal cross sectional tension gradient is created allowing the force exterted by the hand to be more effective on a targeted area of the tunica than would be possible if the entire tunica was under equal tension.

The traditional V-Stretch use pressure on the top of the shaft forcing the penis into a V-shape, both increasing stress in portions of the tunica and placing the burden of that stress mostly on the suspensory ligaments. The inverted V-stretch uses pressure on the bottom of the shaft placing stress on the tunicae, attaching fasciae and pubic rami. The fulcrum may be created at any angle transverse to the shaft to aim stress at a specific area of attachment.


Supplies Needed

To perform the manual V-Stretch a suitable manner of enhancing the grip is required, some of the most effective in use are:

  • Baby powder
  • Latex gloves
  • A strip of cotton


For the sake of simplicity the method of performing a straight out V-Stretch from the top is described; however, there are many variations that can be used depending upon the specific LOT and body fibers (ligaments/tunica) being targeted.

The V-Stretch consists of the following actions:

  • Warm wrap
  • Create the initial overhand ok grip behind the glans, using a suitable grip enhancement
  • Pull to a moderate tension
  • Hook the thumb of the other hand over the shaft at its mid point
  • Push down carefully
  • Hold for a period
  • Release carefully

The penis should be in a fully flaccid state before attempting this stretch.

Ensure that the Warm wrap encompasses both the penis shaft and the ligaments around the pubic bone.

If the grip should start to fail at any point release the tension carefully and reapply.

Locate the webbing between thumb and forefinger centrally on the top of the shaft when creating the initial palms down OK grip to afford the nerves the best possible protection. The pressure of the grip should impact mainly on the sides of the shaft.

The grip should be no further back than half an inch from the coronal ridge of the glans roughly in line with the circumcision scar, it will ride forward a little as the tension increases. Uncircumcised people may find it of benefit to retract the foreskin fully before attaching the grip.

If any pain is felt in the glans from excessive pressure during the stretch, release the stretch, loosen the grip and gently squeeze the glans glans between the thumb and index finger of the free hand, then tighten the grip again. This may be done as a matter of course before attempting the stretch.

With comfortable but adequate pressure of the grip hand the initial tension should be created gradually to the point where a gentle stretch is felt within the ligaments and their attachment points at the base of the penis.

While maintaining the outward pull place the thumb of the free hand on the top of the penis shaft near the base. Slowly begin to push downward with the thumb. With the inverted v-stretch often a couple of slow kegels at this point will help to increase the the effective tension.

Continue to increase tension until no more stretching is felt, then release back a little. The comfort threshold may be reached before this point and it is important to not exceed this.

Initially, when attempting to effect the ligaments, the stretch may be held for as little as ten seconds. When attempting to impact the tunica the stretch should be held for much longer, up to around 5 minutes.

Holding this stretch for extended periods requires the adoption of specific postures which will depend on body and penis dimensions. Often finding a position where the initial stretching arm may use a locked elbow joint, creating tension by moving the trunk or pushing the shoulder forward is helpful.

The second midshaft grip also be applied with a locked elbow, or resting the forearm behind the thigh. With inverted V-Streches, resting against the top of the thigh may be appropriate.

When performing a set of stretches it is often sensible to vary the point of the the fulcrum thumb is applied to stress the penis in different areas and to prevent soreness.

With short stretches move the thumb of the free hand up the shaft roughly an inch then repeat the stretch. If the grip on the penis still feels adequate repeat the process moving back down the shaft of the penis.

Between stretches and at the end of a session gently shake the penis or slap it against your thigh and massage the shaft to restore blood flow.

Common sense is key, always avoid sudden and/or excessive movements when stretching.

Frequency of Use

Stretching of the ligaments and tunica can be done on a daily basis, either as a complete routine or periodically in smaller sessions throughout the day. It is possible to stretch without thoroughly warming the tissues though the effect may be less. Even passing urine or sitting with the penis between the thighs will warm the tissue slightly. Soreness from a previous session is not an impediment to further session as long as reasonable care is taken.


Expected Results

Results will vary dependent on a number of factors such as:

  • The full PE routine in which V-Stretches play a role
  • The Force used
  • Number and Duration of V-Stretches being employed
  • Frequency of the stretching routine

Other factors include but are not limited to:

  • Amount of rest between stretching workouts
  • Diet/Supplements
  • The body's own specific physiology

The level of force is an important factor. The body adapts quickly and a routine may very quickly lose its productivity. If the force applied is not great enough the body will regenerate torn fibers with bigger and stronger ones that will only make the penis harder to stretch in the future.

The flaccid length of the penis will usually hang longer for a couple of hours after an adequate stretching session. After this time the fibers of the ligaments and tunica will begin to retract slightly. Through continuous stretching the length of these fibers will be elongated permanently both in flaccid and erect states.

Results will vary, however, it is possible to gain several inches in length under optimal conditions using a well rounded routine with much determination and consistency. The time span required to accomplish these gains can vary from months to years.


Potential For Injury

When performed correctly and carefully the V-Stretch is perfectly safe. Light discomfort in and around the penis during and following the stretch is normal as the fibers are being pulled past their normal length.

If any sharp or throbbing pain is experienced at any time during the exercise stop immediately. Most PE related injuries will heal over time with proper treatment.