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Heavy Weights

The big challenge with weights is finding a way to attach them that is comfortable. Here are several inexpensive techniques.

Swim Cap

You will need: rubber swim cap. Cut a 4" x 8" (10 X 20 cm) piece from the swim cap. Clean it well with detergent and dry. The stickier the latex, the less tightly you will need to wrap it - wash repeatedly if necessary!

Notes on using: wearing shorts, you can hang penis and weight over the edge of your computer chair as you work. Standing, you can hang penis through fly opening of pants (carefully!). An S-hook makes quick removal of weight easy. I prefer this attachment technique for comfort and amount of weight you can hang.

There are two approaches to the swim cap. I prefer the first.

Technique 1: wrap directly onto penis

Tightly wrap rubber around glans and shaft of penis several times . Add an elastic band or tape to keep rubber from unwrapping.

Attach a string to an S-hook, then tie the free ends very tightly around the rubber beyond the tip of your penis. You can also use a plastic clothes pin with built in hook. For heavier weights, you may need to wedge the pin closed using a cork or something similar.

Technique 2: roll onto penis as a 'condom'

Wrap rubber tightly around 3/4" (2 cm) dowel or broom handle. Roll rubber off dowel.

Swim cap for hanging penis weights. Roll the rubber onto penis. Pull back foreskin so rubber grabs glans, not skin. Test attachment. If it comes off easily, wrap tighter around dowel. This technique may take some practise to master.

Now you can tie a string to the free end of the latex and hang a weight from it.

Click here for instructions with photos


Foam pipe insulation

While comfortable, this device (of my invention) cannot be conveniently and very quickly removed. Also, I don't like the idea of a piece of metal locked around my penis.

You will need: soft water pipe insulation (several sizes available), hose clamp to fit, S-hook or string, duct tape, (optional) electric screwdriver.

Though a bit awkward to attach and remove, this is comfortable and cheap.

Assemble materials as shown. Split open the seam on the insulation. Wrap around penis, pull foreskin back, and tighten clamp behind head of penis until comfortably snug. (Put seam and screw on bottom of penis, not top.)

Highly recommended: fit your electric screwdriver with a non-slip screwdriver blade (flat part in a cylinder of metal to prevent it coming off the screw and potentially gouging you).

Remove clamp and insulation frequently at the start to make sure you're not cutting off circulation.



Almost all the commercial stretching devices use this kind of attachment. it is dangerous because it puts all stress on a small portion of the penis (where, BTW, the main nerves are located), limiting the amount of weight you can hang comfortably. I do not recommend it, though it is what I used - being all that I knew of.

You will need: Latex (surgical) tubing (Home Depot - sold from a roll) one foot, rubber garden hose washer, string and S-hook.

Though this is the attachment used in many commercial devices, I consider it far from perfect. I wouldn't bother with it if you can make either of the first two ideas work.

I used this type of loop to make my gains. I found 6 pounds (2.73 kg) was the maximum weight I could use. With pipe insulation or the swim cap I can hang twice that amount, or more - though I don't choose to, and don't recommend extremely heavy weight.



What can I say? Fairly useless attachment technique IMHO, but that won't stop somebody from trying it....

You will need: Self-adhesive tape, scissors

By wrapping your penis in self-adhesive tape, you can build up an area to make it easier to hang a weight or stretcher. The tape is relatively expensive. More significant, it's not very comfortable.


Finger Puller for the penis

This would be awesome if you could make it comfortable - anyone know how to make one? Tell us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't get the swim cap to stay on - what am I doing wrong?

Not trying hard enough, probably. You may need practise to wrap the rubber tight enough. You may need to get a 'stickier' piece of latex, or wash yours more thoroughly. Persist - it's worth it!

Where can I buy a swim cap?

Mall sporting goods stores frequently sell them. You may find substitutes: latex gloves, Theraband; but I haven't had success with them.

If you used the loop to get your gains, why recommend the swim cap?

Comfort. Greater hanging weight. Less chance of cutting off circulation. Also, the loop turns the end of the penis up, because it pulls from the bottom. The swim cap pulls straight from the end of your penis.

How much weight? How long?

Start with 2-3 pounds (1-1.5 kg). Hang weight for 10 minutes, then remove for 10 minutes. For best results, do one hour 'hang time' morning and evening (yes, it will take two hours to achieve one hour 'hang time' this way). Each week, add weight in 1/2 pound (.25 kg) increments, or more if comfortable.

With experience, you may be able to hang ten pounds (4.5 kg) or more for up to a half hour at a time.

For weight, use old wheel balancing weights from an auto shop. Place them in a camping-type nylon sack or old sock. Avoid lead contact with skin. Or use water in a plastic milk jug (1 liter=1 kg; 1 US pint=1 pound). Or anything else that's convenient!

Can I hurt myself doing this?

Of course. You can probably do serious harm to your penis by:

  • using too much weight too soon;
  • leaving weights on too long;
  • not checking regularly to see that everything is OK;
  • ignoring warning signs, including:
    • pain
    • excessive coldness
    • numbness
    • discoloration (mainly a risk with the loop, but the other attachment methods make it difficult to see)

Where can I buy penis weights?

GET REAL! Your home is filled with weights! Start with an easily adjustable weight - a plastic bottle. Add water. If you want a more compact, still adjustable weight, pick up old wheel balancing weights from your local auto repair shop (caution: avoid lead contact with skin). You can also buy various exercise weights at Kmart. Are the gains permanent?

YES. I achieved these results between July and November 1996. My penis has not gone 'back to normal' since.

I still hang weights from time to time (I am hanging nine pounds using the swim cap technique as I write this), and milk regularly. While the gains have not gone away, I have added, if anything, only the tiniest amount since - perhaps 1/8".

How did you do it?

  • I used only weights (I didn't know of any other technique other than surgery), and followed the "PLD" protocol: one hour "hang time" AM and PM, weights on for 15 minutes, off for 15 minutes. In other words, roughly two hours AM and PM devoted to the project.
  • I started at four pounds (1.8 kg), and worked up to six pounds (2.7 kg)
  • Six pounds was the maximum I could hang with the loop device I developed. Now, using the swim cap, I can easily hang ten pounds (4.5 kg) or more
  • In four months, I logged 140+ hours of "hang time."

How much gain is possible?

I don't know. I suspect using these techniques in adolescence, during normal growth, would achieve larger results. But maybe not. My gains 'petered out' after four months, and I stopped hanging weights regularly. From time to time, I try to restart the process - but also, hanging weights feels good!