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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Expensive and dangerous

No, it is NOT possible to make the penis longer through surgery (unless they come up with a penis transplant). It's basically an illusion. Though surgery techniques may be improving, why bother when you can get a bigger penis for, at most, a few dollars?

The procedure to "lengthen" the penis is by cutting the suspensory ligament. This gives the appearance of a longer penis but does not actually increase its length. It also makes the penis more unstable during intercourse and in do course more susceptible to injury. This surgery leaves a permanent scar. And a lower angle of erection (provided the surgeon doesn't screw up, and you never have an erection again). And - surprise! - without weights* after surgery, a person's penis may become shorter than before, as the body repairs the butcher's damage.

The other method of enlargement is by injecting or grafting fat from elsewhere on the body it around the penis to create a fatter penis. This gives the appearance of a fat, wide penis but not longer. These procedures are not recommended and have very high complication rates.

*Question: if weights alone produce genuine lengthening, why would a greedy, selfish plastic surgeon ever recommend surgery? Especially if he's going to tell you to use weights afterwards? And especially since the weights do the job on their own?


"I was determined to get surgery before I found your page. I had actually made an appointment to go and was absolutely ready to do it... I actually ordered some of the stretching and hanging devices for a couple of hundred dollars before I finally found your page. Yours was a lifesaver! After going over EVERYTHING you had on your page I cancelled my doctors appointment, cancelled my orders and headed out to the store for parts! I built my hanging and stretching devices... I have legitimately gained almost 1/2 inch in one months time! I have I'd say almost 40 hours of hang time... I just want you to know that there really are people out there who appreciate your site more than you could ever know. I started out at about 4.5 inches length and have had women actually tell me I had the smallest penis they had ever seen. (Not a comforting feeling.) From all the surveys I have seen I know I was smaller than 99% of guys and needless to say I had a huge inferiority complex about it. With the weights I have gotten to about 5 inches in a very short amount of time and I can only hope that one day I can get over 6 inches..."