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Vacuum Penis Pumping

Put tube over dick. Pump air out of tube. Donkey dick! Next day, donkey dick becomes dinky dick. Some people claim permanent results are possible - for some reason, they always seem to be the ones selling pumps.... If you decide to make this a hobby, you'll probably end up one of their customers. Do this for fun, but don't get your hopes up for permanent results anytime in this century (or the next).

Pumping Pros and Cons

What's good about pumping

  • Pumping can be fun. And it can feel great.

What's bad about pumping

  • Much effort, little if any permanent result
  • Discouraging (temporary results only)
  • Risk of blisters
  • Risk of burst capillaries
  • Risk of temporary impotence

Unless... what if you hang weight from the pump? A company in England makes such a device (Powerstretch), and claims wonderful results (surprise, surprise) with people hanging up to 24 pounds. The Grip is a vacuum/weight combo, and the nice folks selling it also claim (surprise, surprise) wonderful results. In this case, the vacuum is simply used as an attachment device.

A swim cap is cheaper and easier.

If you want to play with it, have fun. Here are instructions to get you started, and save you a hundred bucks or so.


Making Your Own Vacuum Pump


Material Cost ($US)
Tube of Lexel caulk (because it has a clear tube. You can also use an opaque tube). Caulk tube is 1-7/8" inside diameter. $4?
Waterproof tape (first aid or electrical) $1
Bicycle inner tube - fattest you can find (Kmart, etc.) $2
Hand-operated fluid pump from auto supply store. If you can find a trigger-type (one-handed operation), so much the better. $10?
Risk of temporary impotence.


  1. Empty caulk tube. Clean thoroughly. Lexel tube requires mineral spirits or citrus-based cleaner. It's messy! Water based caulk is much easier to clean out, but tube is opaque.
  2. Wrap tape round the base of caulk tube. Build up 1/4 to 1/2. This keeps the tube from "biting" when vacuum is applied.
  3. Stretch 5" of inner tube over the tape and up the side of the tube to make a good seal. This takes some work, but makes for a tight seal.


  1. Attach pump tube to nozzle.
  2. Apply lubricant to BOTH SIDES of inner tube. (Why? Try lubricating just one side, pumping, and getting back out again - ouch!)
  3. Insert limp dick and pump. You should get a tight seal within a few minutes - hold tube against body if it helps. Get hair out of the way or use more lubricant if you don't get a good seal.
  4. No need to shave pubic hair!

Don't overdo it!

Get info: there is a site called the Vacuum Pumpers Forum, often extremely negative, which seems to attract people who are into perversity. I don't recommend it, but then I don't recommend pumping either.

WARNING: Pumping can produce temporary impotence, painful lymph blisters on the glans of your penis, discoloration or bruising, and bleeding from burst capillaries.


Magic Mouth

Potential for the most intense orgasms you ever experienced...

  1. Cut your piece of inner tube longer - six to eight inches.
  2. Lubricate both sides!
  3. Loosen one end of the pump hose and play with the pressure
  4. Try not to cum - good luck ;-)