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Frequently Asked Questions

The soft tissue in lips can be stretched - why not the soft tissue in the penis?

In case you're curious, pictures you see of women with elongated necks have NOT stretched anything at all - National Geographic proved this in the 1970s with x-rays. Over time the rings around their necks push their collarbones down into their rib cages, making their necks appear longer. Yuck.

Does it really work?


Which technique works best?

The best technique is the one that works for you. Pulling on your dick - either with a mechanical device or your hand - will get results if you are going to get results. Surgery and pumping are, I believe, misguided and should be avoided.

Does penis size matter?

If your penis size didn't matter to you, you wouldn't be here. So obviously your penis size matters. The real question: does it matter to anyone else?

If your penis size matters to you, it matters. Find out why. Confront your own fears, shame and anxieties in a penis journal. See general advice.

What were your (Tom Hubbard's) gains?

Tom Hubbard's gains, August - November 1996.

What's normal?

Flaccid 3 - 4.5 inches (7.6 - 11.4)
Erect:: 5 - 7 inches (12.7 - 18 cm)

Girth (circumference):
Erect: 4.5 - 5.5 inches (11.4 - 14) at mid shaft

The centimeter measurements are rounded. I give them for your convenience only, not because they are meant to be precise. You can find results numerous studies of penis size on the web. The famous Kinsey statistics derive from self-measurements, and are flawed. Regard all other surveys with healthy scepticism.

How big can you get?

People who have success with these techniques report gains in length of .5 - 4.5 inches (1.2 - 11.4 cm). Gains in erect girth: .5 - .75 inch (1.2 - 1.9 cm).

How will this affect my sexual performance?

I have heard of no one having erection problems as a result of the techniques and devices I recommend. Surgery and pumping, however, can create all kinds of problems. Avoid them. Kegel, or PC, exercises can do wonders to strengthen your erection.

I'm (under 21) - should be doing this?

No one "should" be doing this, and if your penis size is not a problem for you, don't make it one! You are probably still growing. You know how many penis sizes there are - some guys your age are much bigger, and some much smaller. That's perfectly normal. Don't believe that a smaller penis is going to somehow handicap you in life (women love men who knows how to use the tongue, BTW ;-). It's normal to have times of insecurity in adolescence. It's normal to be curious about your body and its growth. But that doesn't mean it's the best use of your time and energy. Turn off the computer! Get outside! Walk the dog! Help someone else - anyone else - do something. Don't obsess on your penis - enjoy it and then forget about it!

Can I make my penis thicker, but not longer?

Not that I'm aware of.

If I hang a weight on my penis, will it stretch out like a noodle?

No. This colorful lie is propagated by people who are trying to sell vacuum pumps or emailed milking instructions. Obviously, they don't want you using weights - especially weights you learned about and built for free. Over time, your penis responds to added weight by accommodating as well as resisting. It accommodates by growing longer. It resists by growing stronger (thicker). I'm sure a cell biologist could tear my ass up over this explanation, but I can assure you that my weight experience added thickness as well as length.

Are there risks?

Yes, of course. Be careful. If it's not comfortable, STOP immediately. Avoid coldness, numbness, tingling sensations, especially with devices attached to your penis: these are not good.

Is there some type of all-night option?

None that I'd advise. I like to be conscious when doing this: cutting of circulation raises the possibility of gangrene. (That's even worse than surgery!)

What about all the products and programs I see advertised on the web?

They're advertised for a reason: because people make money selling them. If you've read my pages on weights and milking, you've got more useful information than any of those sites will give you. And you've gotten it for free. Congratulations.

I have reviewed the online manuals, including penile fitness (The Advanced Health Manual), Jojido, and Project P. Mostly what's there is excess verbiage and almost incomprehensible instructions.

Pulling on your dick can make it longer. Instructions are on this site, and a tremendous amount of support is available in the forum. Do you really need to spend money?

Is there anything that I can eat/take to enhance the size of my penis?

This is a recurring subject of discussion in the forum. Other than healthy food and normal vitamins and minerals, the answer seems to be no.

My penis curves (left, right up, down) - will any of these techniques help that?

Milking, perhaps: apply pressure in the way you want it to go.