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AFB Hanger Background and Concept

Is it possible to design an effective weight hanging device that you can make yourself in minutes for very low cost - anywhere in the world, with locally available materials? Yes! The AFB (Absolutely Brilliant) hanger is quick, light, cheap, inconspicuous, and comfortable.

Before building your own, spend a few minutes seeing how the design evolved.

Lock your thumb and forefinger gently around your penis just behind the head. Gently pull outward (adjust your grip if necessary.)

You'll probably find that you can pull pretty damn hard without any pain. This in itself is a great penis enlargement exercise.

But isn't your arm getting a little tired?

Now look at the position of your hand.

Notice that your thumb and forefinger form a 'V'. The fingers are similar to sticks, with very little padding.

However, between thumb and forefinger, there is only padding - much less pressure on the top (dorsal) portion of the penis where the nerves run.

So the basic concept emerges: two sticks in a V-shape.

Unfortunately, the sticks aren't very comfortable (you can add padding to make them more finger-like.

For comfort, wrap a strip of soft cloth around your stretched penis a few times. Optional: to help the hanger stay in place, add a strip of latex, such as from a cheap swim cap.

Note: see the little red line on the left image? That indicates the length of this penis before starting a program of weight hanging!

So perhaps you get the idea. Here are two pieces of bamboo and two pieces of string made into a ten-pound weight hanger in less than five minutes.

Here's the same approach using two toothbrushes.

Although an awkward example, you can see that penis enlargement by weight hanging does not require special materials - or a credit card!

Here's a simple hanger from PVC electrical conduit (pipe) that took about 30 minutes to make, using about a dollar's worth (US) of materials.

That's 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) hanging from it - not a recommended load, but again, you can see that penis enlargement by weight hanging does not require special materials - or a credit card!