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Are you producing as much as you'd like?

What follows is a device developed from the original article which follows it. Please note the ideas below for using cheaper and easier materials. What I've discovered more recently is L-Arginine...long-lasting erections and whiter, stickier semen. If you have had results with either, please
let me know: 6a2nudd02 - at - (cut and paste, replace " - at - " with "@")

Ball Zinger (Blakoe Ring)


  • 3/8" zinc Corrosion-Inhibitor Rod
    (very pure: lead .06 * iron .005 * cadmium .025~.07 * aluminum .005)
    3" long, item #3606K6 - $5.29
    6" long, item #3606K1 - $6.54.
    Shipping very reasonable.
  • 3/8" O.D. refrigerator (food) grade copper tubing
    Source: Home Depot, under $10 1/4" I.D. latex hose.
    Source: Lowe's (Home Depot doesn't have it anymore) - $1.40 / foot.


  • Hacksaw
  • Tube cutter (optional)
  • File
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
Wear the metal pieces on the side, or top and bottom - however is most comfortable.


  • Prepare pieces:
    • Use hacksaw to cut metal to length (a pipe cutter works better on copper tubing).
    • Smooth sharp edges with a file.
    • Use scissors to cut two pieces of latex about 2.5" (~65 mm) long.
      If too tight, cut one piece longer.
  • Assemble:
    • Push hose ends over rod and tube about 1/4" (6 mm) Test for fit.
    • Grasp metal pieces and pull outward to stretch tubing.
    • Fit cock and balls completely through.
    • Gently release.
      It should feel good, but also tight enough that one of your balls doesn't slip through.
    • Adjust overlap of hose on metal, or cut larger pieces of latex until it feels right.
      Metal can be on sides (easiest) or top and bottom.
  • To remove, roll fingers under rod and tube until no hair is caught, then pull outward and off.
  • Trimming hair around the sides and bottom of scrotum makes the procedure more pleasant
  • BTW, if you've ever wanted your jeans to bulge, a cock and ball ring is the ticket ;-)


You can wear the metal on top and bottom for sleeping, but it's more comfortable on the sides when you're up and about. I wear mine during weight hanging and after.

This unit produces .12~.5 volts, depending on moisture. Filling the tubes with saline solution boosts current to .8V. To do this, glue three of the connections (both ends of the copper) with Superglue and let set. Pour in saline solution, push tube over remaining end of zinc, then roll latex back, allow to dry, apply glue, and roll back into place.


Galvanic Elements

30 January 2004


I tried the Ball Zinger, and already after the first night of wearing it, i could see results. I went to an electrotechnical school, so i know the technology, that's behind the Ball Zinger. It's just a galvanic element, a kind of battery. Two different metals and an acid (skin moisture in this case).

You say, that copper and zinc has to be used, but other metals are also possible. In an electrotechnical book i found a table where 36 metals are listed with the "normal-potential" compared to the normal hydrogen-electrode.

So zinc is at -0,763 Volt, copper at +0,521 Volt. The difference between this two values is the theoretical voltage of this galvanic element using this two metals (1,284 Volt); in the case of the Ball Zinger, the values are lower, because the skin moisture is a poor acid compared to a real acid.

So i took aluminium instead of zinc, because i have no zinc at home. I used a blank copper wire (folded several times) and two aluminium washers. The voltage of Aluminium is at -1,66 Volt. In practice i could measure 0,4-0,6 Volt without sweating. Yes, you can measure the voltage with a simple multimeter! I used "gum-rings" to wrap it around my genitals. Compared to your Ball Zinger my version is primitive, but it works as well.

Here is an exerpt of the table in my electrotechnical book (written in german). I'm going to mention only elements which the "normal" human can easily get.

  • Magnesium -2,37
  • Aluminium -1,66
  • Zinc -0,763
  • Iron -0,44
  • Tin -0,14
  • Copper +0,337 or +0,521 (depending on the form of the chemical reaction)
  • Carbon (Coal) +0,74
  • Silver +0,799

If you think on zinc-coal batteries (the standard which you can get in every supermarket), they have 1,5 Volt (0,74-(-0,763) = 1,503 Volt); Yes correct!
The best combination would be Lithium -3,05 Volt and Gold +1,5 Volt, but try to get these.......

So, perhaps you add that knowledge to your site, so people can see, that there is no voodoo behind it. The can also choose which metal-combinations are the best for producing voltage.


Günther from Vienna


Improvements to Health to Increase Potency

Here's the original info:

By David Manser

Hubbard note: This guy offered this through a forum, by email. I no longer know how to contact him. Thanks, guy!!)

Thanks for requesting details of my experiences in improving my sexual potency.


In 1974 I attended a fertility clinic to see if it was my "fault" my wife could not get pregnant. It was!

I had a sperm count of just 6 million per whatever it is (millilitres?) and was only ejaculating about two or three millilitres of semen - total of 18 million spermatozoa. I was told the "normal" is 100 million sperm and five millilitres of semen. My sperm was also low quality with many damaged sperms and something called low motility rate (not swimming about). I had a low testosterone level too! I was sent to see a fertility specialist.

The specialist examined my testicles and penis function and found no particular problems and said I should be able to father children. He gave me a check list to help increase my testosterone and sperm count and its quality and quantity.

  • Relax
  • Stop smoking
  • Wear loose, or no underclothes
  • Stop drinking spirits
  • Do light exercise
  • Stop taking tranquillisers
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Spray cold water onto testicles (yuk)


I realised that I had slipped into bad habits and started my recovery plan. Firstly I did pack up smoking. It was very hard to do. I felt better and my sperm count rose to 30 million but still only two or three millilitres of semen. I stopped eating burgers and doughnuts and lost some weight. I went swimming every weekend and cycled to work (about two miles). I changed from jockey briefs to boxer shorts and then no underwear. My sperm count rose to a satisfactory 90 million per millilitre but still only two or three millilitres of semen. Testosterone was still very low. My friends said I had large breasts but I was used to them. Further research found that Soya products, like Soya milk and Soya protein can mimic the female hormone oestrogen. I was using a lot of Soya products as a vegetarian. I stopped using Soya products. I finally managed to kick the tranquilliser habit and all these things helped to restore a youthful erection and a high sperm count and good quantity of semen. I finally sprayed my testicles with cold water once a day in the morning. We were offered a baby to adopt and we had to use contraceptives to avoid having two babies at the same time. What a turn round.

This feeling of well being continued until quite recently until I was about 50 years old. The years after this saw my erections getting softer and my sexual urge waning. A blood test showed low levels of testosterone. I was entering the andropause. After a few months of frustration I decided to do something about it again. I bought a product called an energiser ring for about £50 ($85 US). It was a hard plastic ring with metal contacts on which fitted around my testicles and penis. Although it was uncomfortable to wear I persevered because the company said it would take six weeks to work. It did work. My erections came back and my ejaculation spurts increased from five or six to a record breaking 25 spurts. My wife was amazed. A further blood test showed normal to high levels of testosterone. Big problem. The ring was very hard, uncomfortable and inflexible and sometimes came undone and dropped off. Not too good at a party or in a meeting. I decided to make my own modifications to the ring. I contacted the company president and they said I could manufacture the ring for them to my own new design. It all fell through and they still sell the hard plastic ring. This is not an effective idea as the ring has to be comfortable and a snug fit at all times when worn, to keep metal contacts close to the skin. My new design follows. It is made of 10mm (3/8 ) clear, food quality, silicon rubber tubing - worn as a ring of about 65mm (2.5) inches in diameter (make to suit your anatomy). Metal contacts made from three 10mm diameter x 10mm long copper and three same size zinc tubes are pushed onto the tubing. The whole thing is held together by a simple internal elastic strap. The contacts cause a one volt current to flow around your genitals. You can't really feel the current. Sometimes it tickles if you get hot and sweaty. The voltage does something to the production of semen, sperm and testosterone levels. You can make it up from easily available parts if you look for them. The biggest problem for US people is finding something called 99.95 pure zinc 10mm ( 3/8 inch) solid anode rod.

This needs drilling through to 8.5 mm (.334") to fit on the rubber tubing. Unfortunately it is only supplied in 2 metre (6 foot) lengths. You might find some. It is essential to get pure zinc for health and safety reasons. There is a lot of lead and nickel etc. in commercial zinc. The copper contacts are 10mm (3/8 inch) diameter by 10mm (3/8 inch) long high quality "food approved" water pipe. The supporting ring is 10mm (3/8 inch) silicon rubber tube and should not be too hard to get from medical or scientific mail order stores. Make the elastic strap from the briefs you have stopped wearing! The device should be worn at all times. You should start feeling the effects after about six to seven weeks. It should work for you. Don't ask me how! It could be that the electrical current generated affects the acupuncture points which are under the contacts. I don't know. Try it. If you have difficulty getting the stuff to make you own, or don't want to bother, and can afford it, I can make you one for £30 UK or $50 US out of the materials I have got left over - this includes post packing and some accessories to keep the ring clean etc. Email me for my address. You have to measure the circumference around all your genitals close to your body (penis and testicles). Use a length of soft cord or something. Tie it so it is a snug fit, not too tight. Just tight enough to fit your finger under. Wear the cord for a day or two to see if it is okay and mark the cord with a pen where the knot is and cut the knot off. Measure a bit oversize and cut it back as you want. I wear mine continually, even when swimming and running or working. It feels good and comfortable and I know it is working for me. I have also found that the wet milking method on the Forum has further increased my sexual potency and erection firmness. I now massage my testicles gently downwards too afterwards while I'm oiled up to see what happens - but it's early days yet. Watch the Forum.

Good Luck - David Manser (David Hillier is my pseudonym. I don't want my Mom to read my Forum letters. Ha Ha)


The Device

Here are my earlier designs: