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Jelq Sticks

Basic version
PVC pipe (1/2" - 12.7 mm) -10" (25.4 cm) long
1/2" with 1/2" dowel to allow roll

How to use Jelq Sticks


Start with your penis at or near its maximum flaccid size. Place the sticks at mid-shaft and gently pull toward the head, making each pull last about three seconds. Pull out and down. Continue for 15 minutes, one or two sessions per day.

Do this in bright light, direct sunlight if possible, and watch closely for any bruises or other discoloration that develops. It WILL take some trial and error to learn how much force is too much. At first, avoid doing this with a full erection. For advanced users, continue while erect.


Grasp penis horizontally, positioning so that you can achieve maximum comfortable pull. Standing, pull upward, resting hands against abdomen. Pull and hold maximum upward intensity. Now gently lean back, then forward, then side to side. Do Kegels. Repeat to yourself, "my penis is getting longer, and stronger, and thicker."

Advanced users ONLY!

Marksman technique

Sit on floor against the wall. Raise your legs so your penis hangs down between them. Reach round your legs and grip penis with sticks and stretch. This is quite intense and gives an effect almost as good as hanging." (Actually I think it some ways it's better than hanging.) Hold tension on for up to 15 minutes, then take a break and repeat if you want.

One handed gear shift

Wrap a rubber band several times around one end of the sticks. Sit against wall with legs apart on a carpeted floor. Grasp penis vertically with sticks, with rubber band on the bottom. Place rubber band end on floor, and use one hand to push outward. Hold tension on for up to 15 minutes, then take a break and repeat if you want.


You can grasp your penis horizontally with the sticks, roll it forward (or back) and pull that way. Why would you want to do this? Boredom, I guess....

Directional variations

Grasp and pull to the sides, straight up, out, down.

Warning: though most adverse effects from this go away after a day or two, you must determine the level of risk you're willing to take. A good session will leave you pleasantly sore. Sharp or persistent pain means you're overdoing it.

It's your dick. Treat it with respect!

Adjustable Seat Hanger

Wrap your penis shaft, then place one Velcro tie so that ends of pipe are touching, or very close to it. Place wrapped portion of penis into the 'V' and attach the other Velcro cable tie. If you wrap it close to your penis, you can slide it outward to tighten the grip if necessary.

A very effective weight is a five-pound ankle weight that has removable 8-ounce weights. Drape it or wrap it around the pipes. By shifting the weight away from your body, you increase the leverage and the amount of pull.