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How do I measure?
Do a complete set of measurements before you start your enlargement regimen. You'd be amazed how many guys measure carelessly, then can't believe their original measurements once their penis starts getting larger. Just do it. Before you start!

Erect length
Standing, hold your erection horizontal.Press ruler against your pubic bone, and measure on top of penis to the tip of the head.

Erect Girth
With a piece of string or cloth measuring tape, measure the circumference of your erect penis at mid-shaft.

Dead stretch
Press ruler against your pubic bone, and measure on top of penis as far as you can stretch it with your other hand. When this measurement changes, you'll know you're making progress!

Visual comparisons
Compare yourself in the mirror with some object that will be around a few months from now - a toilet paper tube or deodorant container. These visual comparisons are much more powerful than simply using numbers.

Flaccid maximum, minimum, average
Measure yourself many times to get a good idea where you're starting from. Try lying on your back to measure the minimum.


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