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Take your time. With any technique, permanent changes probably won't show up for at least ten days. Some people claim fabulous results in two weeks, but plan 4-8 months of work on this project.

Avoid serious pain. You may experience some discomfort as you experiment with different techniques. If it's more than just a bit of soreness, take some time off and rethink your action.

Perseverance furthers. There's no way to predict what - if anything - will get the results you desire. But unless you're consistent and persistent, you'll never know.

Know thyself. Write down your feelings about your penis - keep a "penis journal" with your memories of times you were embarrassed by your penis.

Talk to others. If you think you have a small penis, you might find useful insights on the
PE Forums .

Make the best of what you've got:

  • Trim pubic hair around base of your penis to let more of it show.

  • Exercise! Reducing body fat allows more of your penis to show.

  • Ever notice how your penis is bigger when you have to pee? Don't pee before showering in the locker room if it's an issue for you.

Once you've been milking for a while, you may be able to give a quick tug or two to add "instant size" while you undress.

(Use caution: this may backfire if you end up erect in the locker room!)


Establish baseline measurements .

You won't believe how many guys start in on this, suddenly see changes, and then measure. Take time to establish where you're starting from.

maximum flaccid length
minimum flaccid length
average flaccid length
maximum erect length
erect girth (mid-shaft)
dead stretch


write down your plan
record time spent


penis memories
penis fantasies
your ideal penis



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