Drop trou with pride ;-)Tom Hubbard's

End notes


What a strange and wonderful feeling to realize that this month marks the tenth anniversary of the end of my first penis enlargement experience, in November 1996.

Why did I stop? Diminishing returns, essentially: progress seemed to stop, and I was hanging the maximum I could with the device I used. I've had periods of regular hanging and jelqing since. At one point I logged the same number of hours of my initial gains - 140, but with greater weight - and got minimal results, if any.

Have I gained anything since? Yes, about 1/4" in erect girth, but negligible length. Flaccid, it's definitely bulkier, and on average perhaps a half inch longer.

If you other questions and want to rummage through my old sites, here's the link. You can find answers to what I did, how much I gained, and more. Some of it seems dated; some still has relevance.

It's been a few years (three, at least) since I made any changes to this site, and I hope what I've done here improves it. See ya in another few ;-)