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This site gives instructions for easy and affordable penis enlargement devices you can make, as well as other ideas and resources pertaining to men's health and sexualiy.

Ten years ago, at age 42, I experienced a remarkable transformation. Hanging weights from my penis, in four months I gained over three centimeters in length, and substantial girth. I went from small to large, from anxiety in locker rooms to 'towel over the shoulder' confidence. And, for the first time, I felt like I really 'filled up' a woman .

But, most remarkably, I did it all on my own. Penis enlargement did not exist in the public consciousness. There were no advertisements, no forums - and also no cheap digital cameras! After putting together my first Practical Penis Enlargement web site in 1997, my big challenge was convincing people I wasn't inventing the whole thing!

So much different today....

Thanks lil12big1!

In fact, the amount of information and documented success stories has expanded so tremendously that I concluded, a few years ago, that I had nothing more to contribute to the online PE world. With my AFB hanger, I achieved my goal of a 'universal' hanger design. Anyone, anywhere in the world, could make one, for very little, if any, money, using local materials. To test that, I built one using just string and bamboo, and another from string and a pair of toothbrushes!

As others improved on it and created variations, the AFB became a true open-source penis enlargement device.

However, there was more for me. My bigger penis had led to personal growth, and spiritual growth. I know that sounds odd, but it appears to be a Universal Law that we gain from what we give to others, and my first impulse upon getting penis enlargement results was to share my discovery! Feeling my growing dick start to swing was very cool indeed, but step back and look at the bigger picture:

"I was determined to get surgery before I found your page. I had actually made an appointment to go and was absolutely ready to do it... I actually ordered some of the stretching and hanging devices for a couple of hundred dollars before I finally found your page. Yours was a lifesaver! After going over EVERYTHING you had on your page I cancelled my doctors appointment, cancelled my orders and headed out to the store for parts! I built my hanging and stretching devices... I have legitimately gained almost 1/2 inch in one months time! I have I'd say almost 40 hours of hang time... I just want you to know that there really are people out there who appreciate your site more than you could ever know. I started out at about 4.5 inches length and have had women actually tell me I had the smallest penis they had ever seen. (Not a comforting feeling.) From all the surveys I have seen I know I was smaller than 99% of guys and needless to say I had a huge inferiority complex about it. With the weights I have gotten to about 5 inches in a very short amount of time and I can only hope that one day I can get over 6 inches..."

Get it?

As you digest, and hopefully benefit from, what you learn here, I hope it will serve your overall growth as a human being, and encourage you to think big in terms of your own contributions. Penis growth as a route to personal and spiritual growth? Why not?

I wish you the best in your endeavor, and highly recommend you study and participate in Thundersplace, which very graciously supplies hosting and bandwidth for my little contribution.

Tom Hubbard (not my real name; apologies to real Tom Hubbards)
November 2006


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