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The AFB penis enlargement solution

Simple, cheap, inconspicuous, and very effective

After my gains in 1996 using the scary “noose” hanger, I made it my goal to develop an effective and safe attachment device that could be made with local materials anywhere in the world, preferably at a cost approaching zero.

Ironically, I imagined penis enlargement was invented in California! Much later I realized that just a piece of cloth (or a Calvin Klein necktie I never wore ;-) would have been much safer. I got the knot from a video about old Chinese techniques. This stuff's been around a while!

The Calvin Klein approach to penis enlargement

However, it still twists the head upward, as mine does slightly to this day. So after many, many experiments, I arrived at my ultimate simple, easy, cheap and effective hanger, which I called the AFB, in which A stands for Absolutely, B for Brilliant, and you can figure out the F.

What you need

Jelq sticks 2013

Hanging weights

Jelq sticks 2013

Place the wood pieces together. Tie tight at both ends. You may need to make one loop larger after testing.

Attaching tyhe AFB penis weight hanger

Place penis into wooden V, open side toward front. Run string through handle of container, and place other loop on front. Carefully adjust until comfortable.

Just wood on skin? Doesn’t that hurt? In this case, no, but I lack the time and privacy to explore more. I expect with repeated sessions a piece of cloth wrapped around my penis first would be welcome. Note: very important that the wooden edges are well-rounded.

Length marker on jelq stick

By the way, did you happen to notice the mark on one of my pieces? It indicates a precise length that is of interest to me, so I don’t need a suspicious ruler where I do my PE activity.

Speaking of which, you can painlessly and silently remove this hanger and be zipped up in well under ten seconds. Slip it in your pocket, and the only evidence is your weight. Mine is emergency drinking water, which *just happens* to be stored in the room where I do my PE.

Without the string, these wooden pieces can be used for very powerful pulling

Jelq sticks 2013

Make a V as with hanging, holding the sticks with one hand under your penis. This way you put no presure on the veins and nerves on the dorsal (top) side of your penis.

Jelq sitcks in use 2013

Rotate 90° and pull (gently at first!) with both hands. You might find this better than using just your hands, or you might not.

After my penis -hacking adventure and the AFB, I started looking for the simplest, most effective ways to transform my sagging, middle-age body. I found some interesting things.