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Why don’t you pull it out? used to be a 'secret' .... A boy would say 'I think my penis is small...' and the good friend's advice would be 'Then why don't you pull it out?'

We had no idea were this method came from ... no one ever tried to make money from nobody. We just transferred this knowledge as we had learned it from other older boys....

One would stretch his penis in a semi-erect condition by pulling it outwards, stretching it 'till it hurts'.... This had results and I hadn't heard of anyone disappointed.... We did that stretching in no particular order and no particular program. The more the repetitions, the more the results....

If you haven’t discovered it already, check out the treasure trove of information and encouragement at Thundersplace. However, you may well find it overwhelming: there are so many opinions, routines, and names. JAI stretch, jelqing (which I called milking before that term caught on), Fowfers, V-stretch, Sadsak Slinky.

If you feel overwhelmed, remember those six words, and “no particular order and no particular program.” It doesn’t need to be complicated!

BUT STOP RIGHT HERE: before you start, there are two very important things I'd like you to do. Please go here before you start “pulling it out.”

Here’s one grip I've found makes very powerful pulling possible with minimal fatigue:

Double-OK penis grip

Rotate your penis 90° and hold it tightly in a “double-OK” grip: thumb of one hand on top, forefinger of other on bottom. Resting forearms on your pelvic bones gives extra leverage.

So that’s your start (you measured already, right?). When you’re ready for more force with less effort, or have the time and privacy to hang weights, check out the AFB system.