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Start here: what’s your problem?

Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to find the support of someone else encouraging you to “pull it out.” Except on Thundersplace, most people will probably consider you vain or foolish for even thinking about, or wanting, a bigger penis.

If you have penis size issues, I’d encourage you to spend some time examining and understanding your underlying emotions, especially shame:

You can’t get rid of memories, but you can get rid of the pain, which is your reaction to the memory. I highly recommend the simple Sedona Method release technique. The program is expensive, but any release process will work. Here’s one to try..

Take some slow, deep breaths. Breathing in, say “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.” Breathing out, think “I choose to release my anxiety about...[specific memory or feeling]” or “I choose to forgive [person] for [whatever they said/did]. This memory no longer determines how I feel about myself.” Pay attention to a feeling of lightness or letting go. Keep breathing deeply, and slowly, and repeating.

Do this often. It’s not a one time process: another day you might still feel the same pain (and I do know that pain), but perhaps a little less. And the next time a little less....

Measuring your penis

You may get no results from your effort at penis enlargement, but you might also be surprised—as I was—to see and feel changes within a couple of weeks. At that point it’s too late: make sure you measure before you start. As we explore the use of the AFB device, I'll remind you that you don’t actually need a ruler later. But you need the measurements now.

By the way, if you live in one of the three countries in the world that use inches (USA, Liberia, and Myanmar), I encourage you to go metric for two reasons: 1) the numbers mean less to you (except when they get larger ;-), and 2) they're easier to read.

Erect length

Erect penis length measurement

Stand at a right angle to a mirror, holding your erection horizontal. Press ruler against your pubic bone. Looking in the mirror, measure to the tip of the penis. This will give you much more consistent results than looking down and holding the ruler on the side or top of your penis.

BPFSL (bone pressed flaccid stretch length)

Stretched penis length measurement

I measured often, and wanted an alternative to needing an erection each time. I introduced what I called the “dead stretch,” now referred to as BPFSL. Hold your penis behind the head (glans) and pull straight out to measure. Practice until you know how to match your erect length.

Erect Girth

Penis girth measurement

Measure the circumference of your erect penis at mid-shaft. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of paper and then measure it with a ruler. Don't use anything thicker, even a thin electronics cable, because it will give you an inaccurate measurement.


Visual penis size measurement

Compare your flaccid penis in the mirror with some object that will be around a few months from now, such as a toilet paper tube.

Record your measurements a few times before you begin. You’ll want to be certain your eyes are not deceiving you!