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Get harder, shoot more? The Ball Zinger

The Blakoe Ring: inspiration for the Ball Zinger

The Blakoe Ring delivers a slight electrical current as a result of holding metallic elements in contact with skin. Picking up on a design sent to me, by a guy who adapted the concept of the clunky Blakoe Ring, I created an elastic version I call the Ball Zinger. It went huge with fervent supporters and adament detractors. Amazing how many people sell them now.

Ball Zinger info for new Thundersplace members

I have no interest in trying to convince you that this device works. You can read numerous accounts, pro and con, in Thundersplace Forums. My objective, as with my original weights, was to take a prohibitively expensive (and inelegant) design and hack it for the do-it-yourselfer.

The two-cent Ball Zinger

Original Ball Zinger 2002

Tom Hubbard's Practical Penis Enlargement: Ball ZingerTom Hubbard's Practical Penis Enlargement: Ball Zinger

After a while, copper will make the latex tubing look nasty. Eventually you'll need to replace it.

Get it on: you can wrap it above your balls, and then try to get it closed, but that requires considerable dexterity. Doing it as illustrated, first stretch it open away from your balls, so if the latex snaps off it won't snap you in the nads. Next, use your thumbs to push balls through, one at a time if necessary, then roll the zinger off your fingers. It should feel good, but also tight enough that one of your balls doesn't 'escape' if you sit down or squat. Since that can be very uncomfortable, I suggest wearing this only in private until you're used to it.

Tom Hubbard's Practical Penis Enlargement: Ball ZingerTom Hubbard's Practical Penis Enlargement: Ball Zinger

To remove, use your thumb to roll the latex off one of the metal pieces. You can do this one-handed without removing clothing. If you're in a public place and one ball slips through, for example, and you're wearing briefs, you can quickly undo it and just leave it in your underwear until you get more privacy. If you wear boxers, of course, the thing will end up on the floor.

To clean the copper, dissolve some salt in vinegar and drop it in for a few minutes. Use sandpaper to restore the surface of the zinc when it gets dull.

Trimming hair around the sides and bottom of scrotum definitely makes the procedure more pleasant. Use a normal razor and do it in the shower.