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Get lean, strong, fit, and sexy

My torso, age 52

Not bad for age 52?


Increases growth hormone, responsible for libido and sexual stamina during the teen years. More muscle means more testosterone. Need I say more?

Garbage in?

Eat to Live, The Paleo Diet (though a myth) / Paleo Lifestyle, and Wheat Belly will all steer you in the direction of cleaning up your act.

Get harder, shoot harder

Kegeling: most discussions of Kegel exercises start with “how to find the PC muscle”. Hey guy, let's leave that for the ladies. You discovered it in puberty, when one day it went crazy pumping strange sticky white stuff out the end of your boner. Exercise it for prostate health and more forceful ejaculation. Routine? See notes at the end of this article.

Deal with emotions and stress

See what I said earlier about the Sedona Method and letting go.

Speaking of which, check your short'n'curlies

Straight pubic hair indicates weak adrenal glands. Hat tip to the guy who turned me on to this: here's the link–page 280.

Orgasm without ejaculation

With deep breathing focused on your root chakra (genital region), and very subtle pelvic movements, and pulling up and in with your lower abdominal muscles, you can learn to generate orgasm after orgasm through your entire body by slowly tightening your PC muscles (anus, basically). Great fun, and nothing to clean up afterward except the smile on your face!

A few little things

I haven't used shaving cream in 25 years. I shave in the shower, or immediately after. To help whiten my teeth, I take a small swig of hydrogen peroxide solution (3%) before getting in the shower, to swish around my mouth. I don't swallow it. I use soap only on my face, armpits, crotch and feet, and hair. I happen to have a gentle coconut-oil soap available. You can find other shampoo and conditioner alternatives. Also, I end every shower with a good blast of the coldest water possible, year 'round in cold weather, it actually makes you warmer stepping out of the shower, because it draws blood to the surface.