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Six words might have changed my life

At age 13, pre-adolescence, I first confronted the penis size issue. My neighbor and classmate, with his deep voice and bulging adam's apple, pissed in the woods in front of me. I could barely believe the size of his cock—it was bigger than my father’s!

If only I'd heard six words....

By the time I entered adulthood, I had become tall (190cm – almost 6'3") but my locker-room penis still looked boyish. Instead of hanging, it poked out. At the urinal, I had to hold it down or I’d splash myself. Though I tried many times, I couldn’t wear boxer shorts, because inevitably it would find its way through the opening, leaving cloth rubbing behind the glans (head) of my circumcised penis. I would squirm, trying to get it inside my shorts, and always end up going back to my “tighty whities.”

If only I'd heard six words....

Then, in my late 20s, I was shocked on three occasions in the locker room to see my colleagues naked: each had a massive slab of meat pointing at the floor. I was slightly ashamed of what I had, and could never change. No woman ever commented. I had a healthy sex life. But I didn’t like being small!

If only I'd heard six words....

In 1996, in my early 40s, I happened to see an ad for penis enlargement. Penis WHAT? It was a company that sold penis weights. Did that mean it was actualy possible?

I had no problems with my erect length (about 6" – 15.25cm), though my erection felt thin to me (strange since it was the only penis my hand knew). No, my problem was with my pointy peepee, the size of my thumb when not engorged. I telephoned the penis-weight company with my crucial question: yes, they told me, a larger flaccid penis was a ‘happy side effect’ of penis weight hanging.

Now my problem was the cost of the weights, and even then trying to receive them and store them without my wife finding out. After all, who’d ever heard of making your penis bigger than its natural size? I knew she would make me feel worse if she discovered that I was trying to make my penis bigger: such a ridiculous and vain idea!

I built my own weights, and to my delight and amazement, in four months—140 hours of actual hanging—my penis was over an inch longer, and much thicker. After ten years of marriage, one night my wife said to me, Wow! You're HUGE!

I'll show you how to make the simplest and most adaptable penis weight hanger for pennies (if that!) in this compact web site that I've been developing since 1997. But first...

...six words*....

*Be aware: every link contains nudity or penis images.