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Bib Archive

Bib started with his homemade hanger and then his variation on ULI's routine to produce another device, helpfully providing mechanical means to enhance bother the length and the girth of the penis.

This archive shows all these devices and some great information on hanging in general, with safety in mind.

The Bib Hanger

The Bib hanger appeared in two forms, the Original Bib Hanger and the Modified Bib Hanger, both presented in pictorial step by step form.

Beyond this there are some detailed usage instructions which will benefit readers using any type of hanger. Hanging devices have a great potential to cause harm if not used properly and proper use requires some understanding of anatomy and how a hanger works, this set of posts covers the latter aspect in some detail.


Bib's Uli thing

The Uli thing, often termed an 'Extreme Uli', was the result of Uli's routine and Bib's engineering mind.

The device is simple and effective and again, something that should be used with great care.


Bib's 19 month post

Bib's 19 month post talks about Bib's results and details how he got them.