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Piet's Stretcher

Sep 5 2004
7:04 PM
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Piet's stretcher - updated

Parts required:

  • PVC electrical conduit connector/ring
    make sure the opening is big enough to put your entire package through
  • 2 eyebolts 6mm diameter
  • 2 screws 8mm diameter
    get the biggest ones which can still go through the eyes of the eyebolts
  • 2 nuts 8mm diameter
  • Tape
    you only need this when the pvc elect. conduit connector/ring is too thin
  • 30+cm threaded rod 6mm diameter
  • 4 connectorpieces 6mm diameter
  • 20+cm PVC hose
  • 8 screws 4mm diameter
  • 8 nuts 4mm diameter

Tools Required:

  • Screwdriver
  • Hacksaw
    to saw off the ends of the screws which stick out and to saw 2 rods out of the threaded rod
  • Scissors, Drill or Soldering iron
    whichever you prefer for making the holes

My stretcher had been laying around unused for a while now so I thought it was about time I improved it again. There were 2 things I didn't like about the previous attachment part of my stretcher, the inner rectangles which should provide lateral pressure but were too soft to do a good job and the need for a hoseclamp for tightening. The screw of the hoseclamp can show through your pants and the end sticks in your leg.

The first problem I fixed by making a sort of minihanger with ridges for extra grip. For the second problem I used shoelaces and a Mechano part (metal strip with 3 holes). The shoelaces are already annoying me but the wood I used will probably break if I enlarge the holes to use a rope instead. I used the Mechano part because a wooden version broke while drilling holes in it grrr. To tighten the attachment part I first tie the shoelaces in a knot then I rotate the Mechano part and secure it with a shoelace through one of the holes.

I may replace the wooden parts with the strong plastic I used for my most recent hanger and then I will also cut off the ends of the screws.

For the bottom cylinder I bought a pipe connection piece of pvc (inner-diameter 2.44" & 2.76"), it turned out to be too big for the conventional use but it is comfortable after pulling my scrotum through it. The cylinder is thin which I will cushion later but when worn down or up it pushes with the side without any discomfort. Instead of flexible pvc/hose material I used a piece of an old belt. The sidepieces I made myself but you could probably buy something like that. Those sidepieces also make sure the most pressure is at the side of my penis.

I place my wrap halfway up my shaft, which in my case is a sock cut in half. Then I put on the piece of belt with the center underneath and the open points at the top in such a way there's space left out under the top of my glans where the nerves are. Finally I put on the hoseclamp and tighten it a little.