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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

Nov 6 2003
3:42 PM
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The Captn's Wench: PE Device

When I first began PE it quickly became obvious how useful it would be to have a device that was gentle and forgiving on the penis yet provided a strong, tireless grip. The hand is a soft and versatile tool but it can quickly tire and give inconsistent results. Hangers tend to be difficult to build or expensive to buy and despite their powerful grip, often harsh on the penis-- inside and out.

So I pursued the idea of a device that met these needs. I read all I could on Bib's design, Tom Hubbard's AFB, and other contraptions. I prowled hardware stores and tore through junk drawers. I wanted something safe, simple, fully adjustable, durable, inexpensive, and inconspicuous.

Long story short-- what I ended up with was a surprisingly simple contraption that proved to be more versatile than I had ever hoped. It acts as a hanger, a manual stretch aid, and ADS. Best of all, with a few bucks, five minutes, a ruler and scissors anybody can make one. The same few bucks and ten minutes and you can make two. It is that simple.

I have used this contraption - what I came to call my "Wench" - every day in place of my hands. I hang with it and use it for all of my manual stretching and ADS time. I have gained a nice amount of length and stayed completely injury free. I note this just to be clear that I am not rushing this baby out into the world of PE before testing it with approximately 100 hours hanging and a good amount of manual stretching/ADS time. It's proved its worth

If there is any credit to share it is with Bib. My device, like almost all others, borrows most of its inspiration and all of its function from his contributions to PE - Bib is a giant with wide shoulders. As you'll see, the Wench works on the same concept of lateral compression, incremental tightening, and the virtually risk free encircling of the shaft that his hangers are famous for. And for the record, I own a Bib Starter and humbly admit that it is the superior device. The only advantage to the Wench is that it is extremely easy to make and considerably less expensive than a production model.


Supplies for making The Captn's Wench

All of the following items can be purchased almost anywhere: Wal-Mart, Home-Depot, Lowes, etc.

You will need:

  • 1 X 10"x2" strip of Industrial Strength VELCRO brand Tape with sticky back*
  • 2 X 1"x2" rectangles of Grippers (Soft Touch by Waxman)**
  • 1 X 1 to 3 feet of 1" wide nylon strap
  • 1 X medium CableClamp brand clamp


  • Scissors
  • Ruler

* You must use this very product for the Wench to succeed. Only the Industrial Strength version will suffice. It is sold in a 4 foot quantity (black or white) for apprx $6.00 at Wal-Mart and other stores.

** This product is sold in several sizes: 1"x2" rectangles, 1"x4" rectangles, and 6"x6" squares. It is a "hard rubber" product with a sticky backing and a textured front that works ideally for this device. However, it can be substituted with a like material provided it has a thickness of 1/4": Hard Rubber, soft plastic, balsa wood, (you may need to apply a silicone film to the front face of slicker surfaces). I highly recommend using Gripper rectangles.



Instructions for making The Captn's Wench

Please note that the following dimensions are for men with a measurement of approximately 5" EG. People with significantly larger girth (6" up may want to proportionately scale these dimensions up. People significantly smaller girth (under 4") may want to scale them down some. This may not be necessary given that the Wench is at all times completely adjustable. Still, as we know, flaccid sizes can vary greatly from man to man so consider this when constructing your own Wench.

Step 1

  • Cut a 10" length of Velcro brand Industrial Strength Tape
    This product comes in two parts: The 'rough' hook-strip and the 'soft' catch-strip
    -- so you are in actuality cutting two separate 10" strips of Tape
  • From the back of both strips peel the paper backing to expose the sticky adhesive
  • Very carefully lay one strip on top of the other (sticky back to sticky back) and flatten.
    *Be careful to correctly align all edges of these two strips as this can greatly affect the comfort, performance, and appearance of your finished Wench.

You should now have one 10" two-sided band of Velcro.

Step 2

  • Cut two 1"x2" rectangles of 'rough' hook-strip Velcro
  • Cut two 1"x2" rectangles of Gripper hard rubber
    If you have bought this in the 1"x2" rectangle form go to next step
  • Peel the paper backing from all four rectangles and apply one Velcro rectangle to the back of each Gripper rectangle
    sticky back to sticky back
  • Using the scissors, trim the sharp rubber corners of these rectangles to a blunt 'rounded' angle
    Being careful not to trim too much.

Step 3

  • Cut a piece of nylon strap: Hangers 10", Manual Stretchers and ADS 16-36"
    This can and will vary greatly according to your needs and preference. Some of you may want to make a variety of straps.
  • Cut two 1"x2" pieces of 'soft' catch-strip Velcro.
  • With the Nylon strap lying flat remove the sticky backing of the 1"x2" rectangles and firmly attach them to the left and right ends of the nylon strap length-wise. Be sure that the end of each rectangle sits flush against the respective end of the nylon strap. Be sure that you attach both catch strips to the same side of the nylon strap.

You should at this point have 4 parts in front of you:

  • One 10" band of two-sided Velcr
  • Two 1"x2" rectangles of Gripper/Velc
  • One nylon strap with catch-strip Velcro ends

Step 4

  • With the 10" band lying horizontally in front of you catch-side up (soft-side) measure in 3/4" from the left end
  • Place the left edge of one of the Gripper rectangles on this line, hook-side down. Affix the rectangle so that its top and bottom edges are flush (line up) with the top and bottom edges of the 10" band. Press firmly
  • Measure 1 1/2" right from the right edge of this Gripper rectangle
  • Place the left edge of the second rectangle on this line as you did the first. Firmly affix this rectangle to the 10" band

Step 5

  • Attach each of the 'soft' catch-strip ends of the nylon strap to the 'rough' outer side of the 10" band directly behind each of the Gripper rectangles. Make sure the strap edges run parallel with the Gripper rectangles edges.
Note: Some of the images included here show the Wench with the nylon strap attached differently than Step 5 of the instructions describes. For best results follow the written instructions and attach the nylon strap to the outer band/cylinder so that the strap ends match the position of the internal Grippers.

You have now completed the Captn's Wench. All that is left to do is work out the adjustments necessary to create a custom fit. This can best be accomplished with a few minutes of trial and error, so I recommend reading the next post on using the Captn's Wench.


Using The Wench

Using the Captn's Wench

Wrap your flaccid penis and decide which of your hands is the stronger - this we will call your 'Squeeze Hand'. The other hand will be referred to as your 'Free Hand'.

The following instructions assume your 'Squeeze Hand' is your right hand. People using their left hand as their 'Squeeze Hand' must reverse the nylon strap to accommodate its change in direction.
1. Place the Wench, soft-side up/rough-side down, in the palm of your Squeeze Hand. Be sure that the Wench is positioned so that the two rectangles sit over your hand. Allow that the more 'middle' rectangle sits at the heel of your hand, and the more 'edge' rectangle sits on top of your finge tips.
You should see that a small portion of the Wench extends to the left of your finger tips (about 3/4")
2. Place your penis bottom side down onto the Wench so that it lies right in the middle of the channel space created by the two rectangles. Leave at least 1" or more of the penis shaft exposed beyond the top edge of the Wench. Place the thumb of your Free Hand down onto the top side of your penis covering as much of the shaft length-wise as possible.
3. In one motion begin to press down on your penis with your thumb and simultaneously begin folding your Squeeze Hand so that your finger-tips and the heal of your hand move to meet (Imagine closing a book while holding both the front and back covers in one hand)
At this point you should be able to remove your thumb without your penis escaping the grip of your Squeeze Hand.
4. While keeping as tight a squeeze on your shaft as possible, grab the opposite 'loose' end of the Wench with your Free Hand and begin to securely wrap the Wench around itself, allowing the two sides of Velcro to catch.
5. Slowly unfold the grip of your Squeeze Hand as you continue to wrap the Wench around itself with your Free Hand until fully closed. You will likely find that the end of the band will stop somewhere near the top of the right side.
6. Once you're finished securing your penis into the Wench it should look and feel as though your shaft is snuggly surrounded by a perfect cylinder with the greatest pressure being on the sides of your shaft. If the shape of the Wench is skewed or you do not feel something of a 'hug' on your shaft you may want to repeat the whole process until you're sure you have it right.
The nylon strap should form a perfect upside-down 'U' shape around your penis head with at least 1" of space between the center of the 'U' and the tip of your glans.
Note: You will likely need to rearrange the distance between the two internal rectangles to fit the unique size and shape of your penis. To do this gently lift off only one of the rectangles (preferably the 'middle' one) and move it closer or further from its counter-part. Experiment with it until you're happy. Be sure to also move the respective end of the Nylon Strap along with the rectangle.



Once you are convinced of an adequate fit, encircle the Wench with a medium size CableClamp at its horizontal middle. I prefer to attach the clamp with its open end at the top of the Wench (closest to me) - the other option being at the bottom of the Wench (never on the sides!)

Because the CableClamp is shaped more like an oval than a circle, it is essential that the more narrow form of the oval meet with the sides of the Wench - not the top and bottom. This creates the necessary lateral compression needed for a safe and effective hold on the internal penis.

As you tighten the Clamp make sure to give it as many 'clicks' as is possible, even if this seems counter-intuitive. The tighter the lateral grab is on the internal penis the better. With a brand new Wench I register three 'clicks'. As my Wench becomes more broken in I am able to get four 'clicks'. This, of course will vary from man to man, as well as according to how much wrap you use.

Once you have the clamp fully tightened test the hold of the Wench on your penis by grabbing the nylon strap and pulling outward, away from your body. Try to gauge whether you are pulling more skin than internal penis. If this is the case be brave enough to try for another 'click' of the Clamp. A great trick is to tighten the clamp as much as possible, wait about 30 seconds as the penis adjusts and then try for another 'click'. If this still proves too difficult you may need to alter the amount of wrap - more or less - until you are convinced that the Wench has a nice tight hold on the internal penis.

You should find that the whole process of suiting up with the Wench (and taking it off) takes no more than a few seconds once you have your personal adjustments correct and have used it a few times.


Three Uses

Arrr... The Captn's Wench: Three ways to use 'er and she always makes your dick grow.


To the experienced hanger, the Wench and all of its advantages and disadvantages should quickly become evident. Matters such as "top and bottom gap" can be addressed, albeit in a primitive way. Most of my own time using the Wench has been spent hanging and I've found it to be the perfect vehicle for this often times frustrating method of PE. The efficient on and off, the easy adjustability, and the surprising power of its gentle grip all make for a pleasant experience using a variety of weight and set time/duration. And because of the durable strength of the materials used, your personal settings remain perfectly intact until you decide there is a need to change them.

To the uninitiated hanger I can only recommend educating yourself as much as possible about the process and all of its complexities. This knowledge coupled with a small amount of patience should go a long way toward successful hanging with the Wench.

Manual Stretching

It goes without saying that anytime we use a gripping device in place of our hands we increase our ability to intensify our stretching. I plan on posting a separate thread that details a number of very interesting and powerful stretches that have developed or been enhanced from my use of the Wench. I could do no justice to them here. For now I'll just say that I was surprised by the versatility the device lent to manual stretching.


All Day Stretching with the Wench is yet another subject for another thread. I think it becomes obvious to anyone familiar with ADS that the Wench has great potential in this realm. With a practiced 'Squeeze Hand' technique I have learned that I can get a good enough hold on my internal penis to use the Wench as an ADS without the requirement of a CableClamp. This is, of course, for use only with the small amount of tension required for an ADS. With the absence of the clamp the softness, shape, and size of the Wench make it very easy to conceal under loose clothing.

In order to use the Wench I've found it necessary to wrap my penis - anyone unfamiliar with the how-to's of wrapping should educate themselves on the subject. Research the many threads here at Thunders.
I am a big fan of using TheraWrap all on its own and have found it ideal for use with the Wench.
Regardless of your previous wrapping experience I recommend experimenting with different approaches. I personally have found that the Wench interacts in a very forgiving way with the soft tissues of the penis due to its own rather soft construction. Therefore 'less is more' seems to be the rule.

Other Thoughts

Long and Short

A great feature of the Wench is the flexibility it offers to men of varying sizes. As I noted, simply moving the distance between the Gripper rectangles allows a custom fit for any girth or shape.

Even better, with PE being the realm of 'smaller' men the Wench allows you to alter its dimensions to better suit your flaccid LENGTH as well as girth. By simply sizing down every 2" measurement in the instructions one can create a'shorter' Wench to accommodate a shorter flaccid length.


Trimming the Velcro band horizontally from 10"x2" to a thinner 10"x1 1/2", and the Grippers rectangles from 1"x2" to 1"x1 1/2" - you end up with a more appropriately proportioned cylinder should your flaccid length demand it. (The soft-catch Velcro on the Nylon strap would also go down in dimension)

Uli Effect

I was surprised to find that leaving the Wench on between sets, without the CableClamp, creates an interesting 'Uli' effect on the head of my penis. This is neither severe nor uncomfortable and I can't attest to its long-term significance on permanent head expansion, but it certainly can't hurt. I know that Bib has written about using his hanger as a Uli device, and I don't doubt that with a little experimenting the Wench can be modified to meet this end as well. Due to interruptions and distractions I often leave the Wench on for extended periods, even under my clothes, and have found it to be completely undetectable. By simply squeezing blood from the head of my penis I am able to provide fresh blood for tissue health - I also make sure to do this before re-attaching the CableClamp as I continue with hanging/stretching sets.

Head Size

On the issue of penis head size: Men who have a very large glans may find a need to further customize the Wench so as to avoid any uncomfortable contact between the Wench and their glans when hanging/stretching. By simply marking with a piece of white chalk those areas on the top edge of the cylinder where undesired contact is happening, you can trim back portions of the Wench - in essence carving a customized top end to fit your personal needs.

I recommend keeping any trimming to a minimum so as not to compromise the strength of the 'hug' the Wench can provide to the shaft. Also, give the wench a few tries before immediately carving it up - many 'head-contact' issues can be resolved with other adjustments and even a light wrap over part of the glans.

I think it is just as obvious that you trim down the Wench only AFTER having removed it from your penis.

Dorsal Nerves

People concerned with potentially dangerous stress on the dorsal nerves located on the top of the penis shaft directly behind the glans should be put at ease once they try the Wench. They will notice a 'bridge' effect that is created as the outer sleeve of the Wench spans from the top of both Gripper rectangles over the top of the shaft. This issue becomes even less of a concern due to the lateral pressure created by the natural oval shape of the CableClamp when tightened.

This does not mean there isn't contact between the Wench and the top of the shaft - but the contact is light and as I have learned, of no real consequence. In fact, I think this mild contact helps in eliminating slippage as I have experienced absolutely no such problems with the Wench when properly clamped.

I will add the obligatory warning here: Always use extreme caution and sound judgment when hanging weight or putting any stress on your penis! Listen to your body and not your desire for a bigger tool.


Anyone familiar with Bigger's work knows that he provides for circulation with his hangers via 'blood flow channels'. To date, I have not experienced any circulation issues with the Wench as is. It seems that the upper and lower 'bridges' created by the design afford the necessary blood flow to avoid troubled hanging.

I originally thought to carve shallow grooves, or channels, into the Gripper rectangles of the Wench to further enhance blood flow ala Bib's hangers but have yet to find a need. Those of you interested in pursuing this with your own Wench are free to do so, and should find that the hard-rubber Grippers lend themselves well to this task. I would think that you'd want to avoid compromising the 'solid' integrity of the Grippers by carving to deep or too many such grooves.

Cable Clamps

I tried many methods for providing the necessary lateral compression needed to achieve a strong enough grip on the internal penis to hang significant weight. My original intention was to create an all inclusive one-piece contraption. I tried everything from small pet neck collars to metal hose clamps. Ultimately, nothing came close to the natural shape, convenience, strength, and affordability of the medium size CableClamp (to say nothing of their inconspicuous appearance). The only area where they fall short - and this is another area where Bibs hangers excel - is in their inability to tighten or loosen in increments smaller than approximately 1/8". The only remedy I have found that resolves the issue of too loose a grip is in how much or how little wrap I use. I'm convinced this will become self-explanatory as people try out the Wench. It may even be something that is resolved in an even more sophisticated or more unorthodox way.

* A great little bonus of buying the four-pack of CableClamps is that the small clamps can act in place of an S-hook for hanging - meaning that short of the weight itself, the supplies I've given (not including your wrap) are all that one needs to successfully hang. This is great for light travelers who have to deal with an array of suspicions about sharp metal objects these days (to say nothing of nosy friends and curious spouses at home or the office).

Cloning and Stealth

Because the materials used to make the Wench are so inexpensive and come in a quantity that allows you to quickly and easily make more than one, it is a perfect design to experiment with. As well, once you've settled on one you like you can make a second, or a third. I personaly keep two - one at home and one at the office and never fear it's discovery as it can be rolled tightly and stashed, or can be left unrolled and stored under papers, in a book, etc. For those PE'ers who need exceptional discretion, by simply marking your settings you can in seconds disassemble the Wench and keep the parts separate until it's time to get back to business.

Ass Coverage

All of the information I have provided in this thread is collected from my own experience gathered using this device. I am in no way encouraging anybody viewing this information to make use of this device.

Should you grow your penis using a device made according to these plans: I am happy for you. I do not encourage you to use this device.

Should you injure yourself up using a device made according to these plans: I am sorry for you. I do not encourage you to use this device.

Finally-- about the name "Captn's Wench". I know many of us can't help rolling our eyes as PE grows and more and more people attach their names to co-opted stretches and hybrid devices. But what can I say - I just couldn't resist.

Good Luck