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Sadsak's Head Exercise - Repost from old Big Penis Forum




Aug 23 2000
1:10 PM
Aaron Belmont
Community Moderator

RE: question to Sadsak (head - exercise)

Here is a full copy of everything that used to be on the site. We will be adding the head size exercise to the site soon, rewritten:


Greetings Aaron!

I have noticed a quick gain in head size when I do the following and wanted your opinion on it. The way I begin, is the same as jelqing in setting up the stationary hand.

Then I place my moving hand's thumb and forefinger around my penis facing the stationary hand. (like a mirror image). Then tighten my grip using only my thumb and forefinger of the moving hand forcing the blood towards the head. Without moving the moving hand, I add pressure with the middle finger. At this point I have the forefinger and middle fingers tight. Then I add the grip of the ring finger, then finally the pinkie.

When I do this, all the blood goes to the head a little at a time and the head gets HUGE! (well, relatively speaking) I run through the grips about 5 times at one sitting during my exercises and have noticed a difference already.

Maybe suggest adding a 3rd measurement to recording stats: head circumference?

I know that to me the head size is important since that is the 'first impression' when beginning to making love. And we all know how important first impressions are!!! :-p


Its strange to see two posts hit so close to home, I am really trying to make "head way" myself. I have a technique very similar to the one you are doing, heres how mine goes :

I get half an erection, then I grip as low as I can on the base with my right hand. Using only my thumb and forefinger to make a tight ring around the base. I then PINCH just above my right hand using my forefinger and thumb on the left hand. I pull up towards the head pinching harder as I go until I get to the head, I do this and move it around until it makes the head look like its about to pop, then I slowly continue for 5+ minutes.

I do it until it hurts a little each time and when I finish the head stays very engorged and even when my penis goes flaccid the head stays a little larger than usual for about half a day or a whole day depending on how hard I did it. Its only been a week for me though so I don't know yet how the end result will be. Thanks for posting! In a month we can all change our names to "HungLikeHorse" hopefully :)

I get half an erection. I do the jelq by squeezing the base real tight with my right hand then I take my left hand and form a ring with my index finger and thumb. I stroke real slowly squeezing harder and harder as I get close to the head, If the head doesn't hurt a little when I hit it then I know I'm not doing it right. I keep trying, switching hands if needed, until I get where I can slowly squeeze up towards the head until it hurts from the pressure built up in it. If you can get enough pressure in the head to make it start to hurt, then slowly let your stroke hand come down towards the base letting up on the pressure, I keep doing this, by 2-3 minutes it will definitely hurt a bit, but I still go until it has been 3-5 minutes total then I stop and let go so the blood will flow. I take several deep breathes to keep the blood moving. I wait 1-2 minutes then I do exercise 1 in the same fashion (till it hurts each stroke).

I make sure it hurts and the pressure is strong. I am NOT saying this is the right way for you or anyone else, but it is currently working for me. The first night I did this however I had some swelling around the head that went away in a few hours. It was not in pain while it was like this though. My flaccid state hangs 2 inches longer all the time now also, and the entire penis has grown the 1/2 inch, including the head. My point is to let your body tell you what works. My way of thinking was that it is suppose to stretch by using blood to apply pressure, so I made sure it stretched from it.

A follow up clarification, from the user forum:


Hi, I'm referring to the "Head Size" section of the website, in which flux say he "PINCH just above my right hand using my forefinger and thumb on the left hand" (the left hand being his moving hand).

When he says "PINCH", does he mean perhaps 1) the forefinger being at the bottom of the shaft and his thumb at the top of the shaft and then runs it towards the head or 2) vise versa of #1) or 3) the forefinger and the thumb are placed at the opposite sides of the shaft or 4) does he actually mean to "pinch" the skin of the shaft?



I've talked with Flux about this and he said that he grips with the moving hand identically as his stationary hand. You can do thumb on top or on bottom whichever is more comfortable and slide the moving hand up to the head. A super tight grip is best on this method. Thanks!


Greetings sadsak!

I just read your alternative method of jelqing in the "Head Size" section of the website. Once you've wrapped the middle, ring and the pinkie fingers (gosh, I don't think I'm big enough to put my pinkie, or even the middle finger, yet) around the shaft, do you move or stroke it towards the head at all or just let those three fingers loose while keeping the thumb and the forefinger still tight or do you let all the fingers let loose and then start all over again?

And how long do you keep all the fingers wrapped around the shaft at a time? Also, how long to wait before the next finger clamps down?

Much appreciated in advance.



Hiya riprock!
When I perform the exercise I grip the thumb and forefinger first. I maintain this pressure then bear down with the middle finger (while maintaining pressure with the thumb/forefinger). I wait about 5 seconds between each additional finger. Wrap as many fingers as you can and I hold it for a 10-15 second count.

Then I let up the pressure with the moving hand only (keep the stationary hand tight throughout the exercise). I then immediately go back and start again with the thumb/forefinger as above. I repeat this for a total of 5 complete grips. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other Q's!