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Bib's Uli thing




Because this exercise is capable of producing extreme pressures, it is considered to have a high risk factor and should not be attempted by those without both good familiarity with penile anatomy and many months of PE experience, allowing the risk/reward relationship to be properly weighed.

Bib's Uli thing


There are many similar exercises being performed here. Most involve grabbing at the base , trapping as much blood as possible, and pulling forward, forcing it toward the head.

Bib's "Uli thing" diagram:

I wrote about the Uli thing before. I thought it was too dangerous for most to try, but then all PE has some risk. So I'll tell you what it is. Be very careful.

First, it is basically an adjustable solid @#%$ ring (not elastic) that is placed below (toward the body)the area you wish to stress. The thing is about 1 inch wide (covers one inch of the shaft). You wrap with Thera or some other protection and put the thing over the wrap. Tighten a little. Begin to get an erection. You will not get nor do you need a full blown erection. You adjust the thing so it cuts off all return blood without hindering the incoming blood. Therefore it creates tremendous pressure.

Then you can further tighten to cut off back flow and increase the pressure some more. Also, you can grasp the thing and pull a little creating even more pressure.

Yep, definitely dangerous.

There is not an easy way to describe how to make the one I use, but this will probably work: Go back to the HD guy and tell him you need a couple inches of the tubing. ha ha. Make sure it is at least 1/4 inch thick.

Cut off a one inch ring. Bevel the edges. Cut the ring straight across. Get a full erection and put the ring around at the thickest part. Cut off part of the ring to leave about a 3/4 inch gap.

Then take a band clamp (hose clamp)and cut it about 1 inch behind the female end. Then cut off about two inches of the male end.

Drill a couple holes through the grooving of the male and female end of the clamp. Position the female end on one end of the ring and drill holes.

Do the same for the male end only the male end should hang over the other edge of the ring by an inch or so. Attach the ends to the ring with #8 bolts. TA DA!

Now, from past experience, I am sure no-one understands what I have written above. So when I get some time, I will draw some instructions and get Banshee to post them. Be careful, this is not for newbies.