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Dec 14 2000
4:59 PM
Cool Guy

Butt Stretcher

I decided to throw this out in General Discussion since no one seemed to pick up on it in my "personal routine" post.

Butt Stretcher is kind of a misnomo because you're not stretching the butt, you're stretching the penis. So, unless someone else has labeled this technique, I will call it a "fowfer".

I have clock several hours in the past 2 months doing this exercise and have gained approx another 1" in flaccid length. I am definitely a shower now with 7" flaccid and 8.125" erect. I started Dec. '99 as a grower with 4.5" flaccid and 7" erect.

The exercise or technique is a simple no hander which makes it ideal while working on the computer or watching TV and is as follow:

  1. total softie best but 20-30% would probably work
    and a warmup recommendedi
  2. while standing, reach from behind between legs
    and grasp head of penis
  3. stretch penis as far as possible either up crack
    or under check of ass
  4. now, gingerly sit down on your outstretched penis
    letting your weight retain the stretch
  5. release handhold and enjoy a hands free stretch
    for a long as you wish(personnally have not gone
    over 90 minutes in one sitting)

I don't know whether this will help erect length or not. I have not personnally seem any claimable erect gains from this technique to date.

Good Luck


Dec 14 2000
8:26 PM
Cool Guy

erect gains

All my erect gains came prior to the "fowfer". I have been PEing for over a year now and all of the currently claimed erect gains came from periods when I was using other methods of jelqing and stretching. Have stopped all jelqing except uli3. Would still like more head girth.