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How To Jelq



Jelq History

Jelqing is an ancient Sudanese Arab technique, passed through the ages from father to son. Or is it? This version of history seems to have its inception around the time people started selling "Ancient secrets to enlarge your penis". The validation of this rewrite of history is often traced to the bible.

She doted on their paramours, whose flesh is as the flesh of donkeys, and whose issue is like the issue of horses.

--Ezekiel 23:20

This does not suggest that size or ejaculatory power was as the result of jelqing.

Jelq Basics

Jelqing (also known as milking) is an exercise designed to force large amounts of blood through the penis, increasing the internal pressure and creating controlled damage or micro-tears in the structure of the penis. This damage will be mostly repaired overnight but overworking or not taking rest days will reduce efficacy. The effects can be to increase length or girth or a combination of the two.

The exercise consists of applying an OK style thumb and forefinger grip encircling the base of the lubricated partially erect penis, restricting blood flow, and pulling this grip forward toward the glans. Once one hand has reached the glans the same grip and motion is applied with the second hand. This process is repeated for a number of strokes in a continuous milking motion. Each stroke should take no less than three seconds.

It is important that jelqing is proceeded with and followed by a warm wrap, to relax the tissues and minimize chances of injury.

Step By Step Jelqing

  1. Apply OK grip at base with first hand
  2. stroke forward toward the glans
  3. Apply OK grip with second hand and release first hand
  4. stroke forward toward the glans
  5. Apply OK grip at base with first hand and release second hand
  6. Repeat from 2 to 5

Jelq Constituents

Jelqing is, on the face of it, simple but it can take a while to master the intricacies of the exercise and improvements will be made many months after starting. Initially your penis will need to become accustomed to the pressure levels and so you should aim to build the intensity and duration of the exercise over time. This will allow for the blood supply to the penis to develop and the tissues to become used to the exercise.

Erection Level

The level of erection is important. If you Jelq with too low an erection level or allow your erection to subside for too long before correction, the pressure during the progression of each stroke will vary greatly. The start of the stroke will be low pressure and the end of the stroke will be a much higher pressure. This will encourage more girth development toward the glans and eventually result in a baseball bat shape developing.

The minimum erection level you should allow is 40%-50%. In general, the greater the erection, the more effect on girth. Likewise, the lower the erection, the more effect on length. That said, some gain length easily and others only find girth increases. Jelqing with erections higher than 80% should be avoided initially.


The grip can be applied in many ways. However it is applied, there are some important common factors.

Grip Factors

  • Strength - Matching strength and diameter of the grip to erection level to avoid changing pressure as a stroke progresses.
  • Consistency - The grip should be consistent throughout the stroke. It is easy to subconsciously increase or rotate the grip part way through a stroke.
  • Starting at the base - The grip should be attached as low down as possible

The standard OK grip can be applied in two ways, palms up (a standard OK) and palms down (an overhand OK). Though the grip is generally referred to as an OK grip there is no requirement for the forefinger and thumb to meet, what is important is that it traps blood effectively. To that end if it works to grip the end of the forefinger with the thumb or to use thumb and forefinger in a U shaped grip it is important to proceed with what works best. A U shaped (pinch grip) applied vertically will tend to work the corpora carvenosa (CC) most, encouraging girth gains.

If there is no intention to attempt bend correction the grip should be applied straight. If gentle work to help correct a bend is required then the grip can be applied diagonally with the leading edge of the grip on the inside of the bend. Do not expect dramatic correction, this is a gradual and limited process.

The effects of jelqing are a combination of stretching and internal pressure. If stretching and length are important application of a grip that less effectively traps blood but is stronger is sensible. This can be achieved with rotation of the grip at the point of application. Also if the first grip becomes a short stretch at the glans whilst the second grip is applied this is likely to have positive length effects.

Care should be taken to avoid damaging the dorsal nerve which runs along the top of the penis in the middle. There is a particularly sensitive nerve bundle in the top middle of the penis just below the glans and this should be avoided, either by terminating the stroke an inch before the glans or avoiding the area with a grip biased to sideways pressure. An overhand OK, locating the webbing between thumb and forefinger centrally is likely to be least likely to cause nerve damage and can fairly safely allow the stroke to be continued all the way to the glans.

To ensure that the entire penis is worked out thoroughly the grip should be varied during the course of a session. Mixing up overhand and standard OK grips and changing rotation of the grip at the point of application is a good habit to gain.

Its best to work up to full intensity. Even with a good warm wrap, a lot of spotting can be avoided by applying a low intensity grip initially and building it up during the first minute or so.

Angle and Position

An upward angle (penis pointing up toward the ceiling) will put most of the stretching gain into the tunica which is harder to stretch than the ligaments, so it can be used to try and minimize length gains (in combination with high level erections). An upward angle is associate with a standard OK grip. It is harder to grip close to the base using this angle.

A downward angle (penis pointing toward the floor) will place more strain on the ligaments. Its generally associated with an overhand OK grip and many people find it easier to both achieve a grip nearer the base and a greater pump effect from each stroke.

With a standard OK, stroking with the right hand whilst pulling the shaft to the left, and with the left hand pulling to the right, will apply stretch to the ligaments on one side at a time benefiting length. Pulling in the same direction as the hand in use with an overhand OK will have similar effects.

Some find that jelqing whilst standing increases the initial pressure of blood in the penis and thus the effectiveness. Similarly jelqing in a sitting position with the legs raised above the level of the penis should help. This will also encourage a slumped back which will allow easier access to the base of the penis and increase the downward angle when jelqing down.


The speed of each stroke is extremely important. Stroke times of less than 3 seconds should be avoided. It is very easy to start at a good rate but increase to masturbation speeds if concentration is lost. Timing the stroke rate (either by counting ( one - one thousand, two - one thousand, three - one thousand) or with a watch or metronome is a good way to ensure that the speed is constant.

It is possible to increase the strength of the grip without encouraging a ramping of pressure during the stroke by lengthening the stroke time.

To encourage length gains many people end each stroke in a short light stretch (often unconsciously), very similar to a JAI stretch.


Jelq Variations

There are many variations on jelqing. This section covers just a few of the more obvious variants.

Dry Jelqing

Dry Jelqing is a single handed method using the skin covering the shaft to allow movement of the grip. Using this technique is harder on the shaft of the penis, under the skin, so switching to this method from lubed jelqing should be done with care but many find it has a greater effect deep inside the penis. With this method the grip never leaves the skin but is simply released slightly to allow downward movement. Using a held kegel as the grip is moved to the base helps to keep the level of engorgement high but this should be used with care by those new to the exercise.

If circumcised it is normally impossible to jelq the entire shaft in a single stroke. Jelqing the shaft in two stages is necessary. With a tight circumcision cut, this variation is hard and the skin will have to stretch ahead of shaft growth.

If uncircumcised it is often possible to jelq the entire shaft by starting a stroke with the foreskin fully retracted. Generally this method will cause insignificant foreskin swelling in comparison to lubed jelqing.

Uncircumcised Jelqing

The foreskin is an extra complication in the jelqing process. It can simply be ignored and allowed to collect over the glans. This method tends to increase fluid buildup in the foreskin and can, in the extreme, cause minor pain. The swelling may take some time to subside but can be a considered a minor side effect. This method will exert most force for skin stretch on the skin near the base of the penis, potentially causing a turkey neck effect.

The alternative is to retract the foreskin at the start of every stroke. This can take a little time to master. It can be achieved in two ways, either by fully releasing the hand at the glans before applying a new grip at the base or by releasing the first hand only enough to allow the skin to retract under the grip. Either way the new grip should be applied slightly up the shaft.

If lubricated jelqing is difficult, dry jelqing is a good alternative.

Stretched Jelqing

This method requires the constant use of two hands. With the first hand grip behind the glans and exert a light stretch. With the second hand apply a grip at the base and stroke forward in the standard manner. Once the second hand meets the first hand at the glans, release its grip and return the second hand to the base, while relaxing the stretch. Repeat, occasionally changing over hands.

The grip behind the glans is important, its strength will add control to the pump in the shaft. Useful grips are the overhand OK, the U shaped grip or an index finger/middle finger grip. In all cases the pressure should be mostly on the sides.

This technique can be performed dry or with lube. With proper timing it can have a JAI quality.

When using a U shaped pinch grip, this technique is often referred to as a Pinch Jelq.


Advanced Jelq Methods

WARNING: These techniques should not be tried by those with less than 2 months consistent jelqing experience, Injury is a likely result.

Kegel Enhancement

Between each stroke prior to fully tightening the grip at the base, kegel and hold until the grip is fully in place. This produces a much larger pump at any erection level and perversely allows higher erection levels to handled without excessive trauma.

High Erection Levels

High erections of 90-100% mostly impact girth growth. Any fully erect or close to fully erect jelqing is inherently harder on the penis and there is more chance of injury. Various people who complained of little or no gains with lower erections made better gains using high erection levels.

Jelq Squeeze

With at 60%-95% erection, higher erections for more intensity, create a grip around the base with the first hand retracting overly loose skin (or foreskin if uncircumcised). Use the second hand for the standard jelq stroke, keep the grip as tight as possible. This has the disadvantage that each stroke starts further up the shaft but the advantage of retaining blood easily between strokes.

Further blood an be pushed into the shaft by releasing the stationary grip slightly and kegeling. Retaining blood in this manner keeps the penis more flaccid feeling and pliable because of the large pump.

Both grips are best applied as overhand OK's. This can take quite some time to get used to and can be hard on the wrists. Stroke time should be long, around the 5 second mark.

Jelq Sticks

The jelq sticks concept (also know as drumsticks), is to take 2 pieces of 1/2"x7" dowel covered with vinyl tubing, hold them parallel and place the penis between the sticks. Gripping at the base and move forward with a 3 second or longer stroke. Often the sticks are used vertically, though the penis will sometimes try to rotate during the stroke. Vertical usage particularly stimulates girth growth and helps protect the penis from dorsal nerve injury.

Jelq sticks are available commercially in a modified form. The addition of canning tongs and high density foam covered metal rollers became the power-jelq device. This device is designed to use in a horizontal mode.

Jelq sticks are capable of exerting pressure at a greater force than hand jelqing and require careful use to avoid injury. Many have found them to be a boon to their PE'ing activities.


Jelq Effects and Problems

Positive Effects of Jelqing

The most positive and obvious effects are length and girth increases. In the first two months of jelqing the changes in condition are most obvious: the skin becomes tougher and yet more elastic; the veins are much increased in size, and the general capacity for blood is increased. In combination with a kegel routine the quality and hardness of erections will become much improved.

Spots and Discoloration

jelq bloodspots

Red pin prick spots, often though not exclusively located on the glans, are the result of burst capillaries. They should disappear within a day or two. Ensuring a thorough warm up and building toward full intensity can help to minimize them. They should not be considered a problem.

Larger red or purple spots indicate a more substantial breach in capillary or vein walls. Taking a couple of days off from jelqing is a good idea.

Black pin prick spots located on the shaft are an indicator of insufficient lubrication. They should heal quickly.

Bruise like discoloration located toward the end of the shaft and often more noticeable on the bottom is common among jelqers. These are caused by blood being pushed through the membranes under pressure and having no route to return. Warming up thoroughly and not ramping intensity too quickly can help to minimize these.

This type of discoloration can occur in a single session from the weakening of vein walls. It will often be circular in shape and 1/8" or more in diameter. Sometimes the point of weakening can be felt as a small hard lump (coagulated blood). In this situation continued jelqing can aggravate the problem dramatically. A break of a least 3 days is essential.

Though this discoloration will fade very slowly after halting jelqing for a period of months or years, they can be encouraged to reduce:

Methods To Remove Discoloration

  • Warmed Massage - Thoroughly warm wrap in the area of discoloration and beyond. With the pads of the thumbs or two fingers gently massage from the point of discoloration down the shaft toward the body. Repeat this several times.
  • Wrapping - With a 1.5" wide strip of Theraband, wrap the shaft below the area of discoloration covering around a 2" length. Attach a little tape to hold the wrap in place. The pressure of the wrap should never reduce blood coming into the penis, it should simply reduce the returning blood without cutting it off completely. When done correctly the penis above the wrap will be enlarged but circulation will be almost normal. Watch for reduced circulation and coldness. The wrap can be worn all day. If the area above the wrap becomes too highly pressured a squeeze on the head will relieve it.

Both the above methods take time to work. Neither is an overnight cure.

Donut Effect

jelq donut

This effects circumcised men. With intense or long jelqing sessions, fluid is pushed toward the end of the shaft where it collects. This can result in a large swelling around the circumference of the penis near the glans and minor pain. The swelling is temporary and will subside within a few hours.

The uncircumcised equivalent is swelling of the foreskin, which will subside in the same way.

Skin Stretch and Turkey Neck

Jelqing often places most stress on the skin at the base of the shaft, so as growth occurs this is where skin stretch is often located. If the skin stretches from the base, the bottom of the shaft presents no resistance and the scrotum stretches along the shaft (turkey neck). Avoidance of turkey neck can be hard. Performing a separate skin stretching routine may help.

Skin stretch can result in stretch marks, ensuring the penis is well and regularly moisturized will help avoid this.


Over-training is often not obvious. Extreme cases will result in post session shrinkage, which may last for days and require a break to allow recovery. Less extreme cases will apparently have no ill effects but are just as pernicious, resulting in a lack of growth. It is possible to over-train within a session or by not taking sufficient rest days.

Under-training will happen by default when sticking with the same routine for too long. The penis adapts quickly to any stresses imposed and sessions must increased in intensity as time progresses to avoid plateau. The alternative is to take substantial breaks in a routine.



Warm Wrap

There are many techniques to warm the penis prior to and after jelqing. In all cases you should perform the warm wrap for at least five minutes to allow the heat to penetrate fully. On completion the penis should feel very relaxed, slightly fluffy. Some people wrap the testicles, others do their best to keep the testicles cool.

Warm Wrap Techniques

  • Wash Cloth - wet a wash cloth in warm water and hold it around the penis until it cools, then warm again and reapply. Continue to reheat and reapply until the warm wrap session is finished. The cloth should not be scalding hot, it should be as warm as possible without inflicting pain. This is best done in an area where dripping water is not a problem.
  • Rice Sock - fill a sock with dry rice tie off the end and microwave for approximately 2 minutes dependent on the amount of rice. Heat is moist and retained well.
  • Water Cup - Fill a cup with warm water (allowing for displacement). Insert your penis into the cup and press it against the body.
  • Aladdin's bottle - Take a large bottle, several inches longer than your fullest flaccid penis measurement. If the neck of the bottle is smaller than the girth of your penis cut down the bottle until it is possible to fit. Protect sharp cut edges. Fill the first few inches of the bottle with hot water. Insert your penis and make a seal against your body. The penis should be in the steam coming from the water not the water itself.
  • Heat Pad - There are various heat pads on the market, some are specifically designed for heating the penis but any heat pad designed for physical therapy or sports use should be fine. Heat the pad and apply. Sometime wrapping the pad in a damp wash cloth will provide a better moist heat.


Many lubricants can be used to jelq. As long as the lubricant is fairly long lasting and reapplied when necessary it should be fine. Water based lubricants can normally be revived by adding a little extra water, so a cup of water to dip into whilst jelqing is useful.

Common Lubricants

Water Based Lubricants Oil based lubricants
KY jelly
KY liquid
udder cream
Vitamin e oil
baby oil
tiger balm
cocoa butter
emu oil
canola oil
vegetable oil
olive oil
bag balm

Some people mix their own lube, adding for instance essential oils.

Don't use soap. Soap dries and irritates the skin and can cause high levels of urethral irritation.


Jelqing is a single exercise and should be accompanied with other PE methods for a fully rounded program.

Those new to jelqing should build up from 5 minute to 15 minute sessions over the period of a couple of weeks and start with a 1 or 2 day on 1 day off routine.

Once a little more experienced a 3 days on 1 day off or 5 days on 2 days off can be adopted.

Sample Routines

Newbie Routine Standard Routine
5 minswarm wrap 5 minswarm wrap
5 mins30 sec stretch 2 sets5 mins BTC stretch
5 x 3 min V-Stretch
10 minsjelq 5 minswarm wrap
5 minswarm wrap 20 minsjelq
505 sec kegels 5 minshorse squeezes
5 minsJAI stretches
5 minswarm wrap
 2 days on / 1 day off  3 days on / 1 day off

The length of time spent jelqing varies. In general if the intensity can be increased rather than the time spent jelqing this is better. It is not unusual to jelq for 30 minutes in a session. Longer sessions, beyond 45 minutes, should be reserved for shock routines.