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Jelq Sticks

May 26 2003
11:20 PM
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Jelq Sticks

The principle behind jelq sticks is the same as manual jelqing, where blood is forced upward through the penis, causing expansion in the three chambers of the penile shaft and the tunica.

However, jelq sticks are capable of exerting greater and more consistent pressure on the penis shaft, with less hand fatigue than is possible with manual jelqing. Many PEers, who experienced little or no gains with manual jelqing, have reported better gains after switching over to the jelq stick method.



The simplest form of jelq sticks (called drumsticks), is two dowels or sections of pipe, covered with vinyl tubing or some other soft material. The sticks may be connected together by a piece of wire.

The commercial version, sold as the Power Jelq device or Jelq device, uses canning tongs with the lifting portion of the tongs replaced by rollers that act as the jelq sticks. The rollers consist of PVC tubing, covered with pipe insulation foam. The mechanical advantage offered by the hinge mechanism of the canning tongs allows jelqing to be performed with less hand fatigue than manual jelqing.


Using Jelq Sticks

Before using the jelq sticks, a warm up should be performed to loosen the collagenous tissue in the penis and promote increased blood flow. The warm up serves to reduce the risk of injury and allows for greater expansion of the tissues of the penile shaft.

Lubrication should be used to protect the skin, but must be applied sparingly. Using too much lubrication will cause slipping of the sticks and affect the quality of the workout.

Jelq sticks can be used either on the top and bottom of the shaft (horizontally) or on the sides of the shaft (vertically). Using the sticks vertically has a better effect on girth gains, by placing direct stress on the corpus cavernosa, and also reduces the risk of dorsal nerve injury. Horizontal usage places direct stress on the corpus spongiosum, resulting in greater head expansion. However, the risk of dorsal nerve injury is also increased.

The exercise should be performed with at least a 50% erection. If performed at too low an erection level, the pressure during the progression of each stroke will vary, resulting in lower pressure initially, with pressure increasing towards the end of the stroke. This will preferentially favor girth development toward the glans, eventually resulting in the development of a baseball bat shape. In general, the greater the erection level, the more the effect on girth gains. Similarly, the lower the erection level, the more the emphasis shifts to length gains. Caution should be exercised when jelqing at erection levels greater than 80%. Due to the increased stress applied by this method of jelqing, erection levels may vary during the exercise. Therefore, the erection level should be periodically monitored and adjusted, as needed.

The intensity of the exercise can be increased by performing a kegel between each stroke, prior to fully tightening the grip at the base. This produces a greater pump, regardless of the erection level, and allows higher levels of engorgement to be handled with less potential for injury.

Instructions for using drumsticks and the Power Jelq are listed below:


  1. Warm up, apply lubrication, and achieve the appropriate level of erection.
  2. Grip the shaft at the base with the sticks and slide them toward the glans using a three to five second stroke, concentrating on trapping and moving blood through the shaft.
  3. Stop the stroke an inch or so from the base of the glans.
  4. Return to the base of the shaft and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Power Jelq

  1. Warm up, apply lubrication, and achieve the appropriate level of erection.
  2. Hold the device with one hand on the two handles, palm facing the body. If using the device horizontally (i.e. on the top and bottom of the shaft), use the other hand to grasp the foam rollers. If using the device vertically (i.e. on the sides of the shaft), use the other hand to hold the base of the shaft. This will prevent slippage and/or twisting of the penis during the exercise.
  3. Open the handles and allow the rollers to slide onto the shaft. Push the device all the way to the pubic bone and then push a little farther, lightly squeezing the handles. This will pull the penis out of the body slightly and begin to force blood into the shaft. Alternatively, a light OK grip can be applied to the base, holding back loose skin and slowing down return blood flow.
  4. Close the handles, gripping down firmly and begin to pull out and away from the body, up the penile shaft and toward the glans, concentrating on trapping and moving blood through the shaft. The grip should be tight enough that the rollers lock up, and only turn very slightly (if at all) when pulling upwards toward the glans.
  5. The stroke should end an inch or so below the base of the glans. If performed correctly, the glans should be so engorged that the device cannot slide off the shaft without the grip being loosened.
  6. Loosen the grip on the handles, sliding the rollers to the base of the shaft and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Expected Results

Results will vary dependent on a number of factors such as:

The most obvious results are length and girth increases, which are a result of the expansion of the corpus cavernosa, corpus spongiosum, and the tunica. The stretching action at the top of the stroke stretches the ligaments as well, which may result in length gains.

Gains vary greatly with the individual, but initial gains (both length and/or girth) of a quarter to a half inch per month are not uncommon. Besides size gains, the increase in blood vessel size promotes better blood flow, greatly improving the quality of erections and overall sexual health.


Potential For Injury

Generally, the use of jelq sticks results in the loss of the tactile sensation that is present during manual jelqing. This can result in inadvertently applying excess pressure, which can result in injury. The best rule of thumb is to listen to the body and avoid anything that causes pain or excessive discomfort. Ensuring a thorough warm up and gradually increasing intensity can greatly help minimize the risk of injury.

Blood spots/Discoloration

Red pinprick size spots are the result of burst capillaries and are not considered a serious/significant injury. Black pin prick spots located on the shaft are an indicator of insufficient lubrication. Larger red or purple spots indicate a more substantial breach in blood vessels and require a couple of days rest to heal. Bruise-like discolorations are caused by blood being pushed through the membranes under pressure, with no route to return. This type of discoloration can occur in a single session, from the weakening of vein walls. It will often be circular in shape and 1/8" or more in diameter. Sometimes the point of weakening can be felt as a small hard lump (coagulated blood). In this situation continued jelqing can aggravate the problem dramatically. A break of at least three days is essential in this case.

Donut Effect

Fluid is pushed toward the end of the shaft where it collects, resulting in a large swelling around the circumference of a circumcised penis near the glans, or swelling in the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis. The swelling is temporary and should subside within a few hours.

Bleeding from the Urethra

This is the result of applying excess pressure during jelqing. The exercise should be discontinued for a day or so and resumed with less pressure and/or intensity.


These have been reported when using the Power Jelq device. With prolonged use, the prongs can bend outward, causing the rollers to pop off during the exercise. This exposes the sharp end of prongs and may cause cuts or scratches in the skin of the shaft. The risk of the prong bending outwards can be minimized by re-forming the handles (bending the prongs inward) after each workout. Securing the prongs together with tape applied perpendicular to the handles can be used as an additional security measure to prevent the rollers from popping off. Finally, the tips of the prongs should be covered with a thick layer of tape, which will minimize the risk of cuts should the rollers still pop off.


Purchasing Advice

The Power Jelq device can be purchased for approximately US$40. It can also be built for less than US$10 using the following parts, available at most hardware stores:

  • Canning jar lifting tongs
  • PVC pipe
  • Male-threaded pipe nipple/hose barb
  • Foam pipe insulation
  • Duct Tape