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Clamping 101

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Clamping is an advanced penis girth enlargement technique. It is possible to create extreme internal pressure within the penis and so this exercise is considered to have a high risk factor and should not be attempted by those without both good familiarity with penile anatomy and many months of PE experience allowing the risk/reward relationship to be properly weighed.


Jul 04 2005
6:08 PM
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Clamping 101 - The clamping guide

Clamping is a manually-assisted penis enlargement exercise. It is a very advanced girth exercise. It should not be tried by any beginners. If you are new to penis enlargement, wait a few months before you start clamping.

The beauty of clamping is you can do it anywhere you can have an erection. For example, you are at the computer and have some privacy you can stimulate yourself to an erection, throw on a cable clamp and use the computer.


How it works

  • Clamping restricts blood from flowing out of the penis while still allowing limited inflow. Because blood is still flowing into the penis, and not any is leaving, there is an extraordinary amount of pressure built up.
  • The pressure built up while clamping expands the tissues in the penis beyond its normal erection state. By expanding the penis tissues multiple times, it slowly becomes permanent.
  • Thus, clamping achieves results by permanently distorting the penis into a state larger than normal.

What you need

A Cable Clamp
A Cable Clamp
  • A Clamp – When clamping you want a clamp that is:
    1. Easy to get on and off
    2. Shaped like the penis.
    The Cable Clamp™ is both of these, and the best clamp known.Where to buy.
  • A Wrap – you can use any cloth material. Some popular wraps are – a sock, a strip of mousepad, Homedics magnetic wrap ™, and Ace’s bandage ™.
    Tip: A strip of mouse pad is very comfortable, can be reused, and can go in the washing machine. Additionally, the rubber side of the mouse pad prevents any slippage. To use a mouse pad, simply cut a six inch strip or more from a mouse pad. It does not have to be much wider than the clamp. Use the cloth side facing the penis.
  • A way to stimulate your penis – girlfriend, porn, or your hand.
  • A timer – it is easy to become distracted. Set a timer, stopping you from going over your desired time limit, which could cause an injury.
A Package of Cable Clamps
A Package of Cable Clamps

Clamping - Step by Step

  1. Stimulate your penis to a 90-100 percent erection level.
    Note: If you prefer, you can put the cable clamp on at a lower erection and then build an erection once the clamp is in place.
  2. Wrap the base of your penis.
    Flaccid Penis Prior to Clamping Wrapped Penis
    Flaccid Penis Prior to Clamping Wrapped Penis
  3. Place clamp over wrap. The clamp should be as close to the pubic bone as possible. Tighten the clamp.
  4. Stimulate the penis to the highest erection possible. Without causing any pain or discomfort, tighten the clamp as tight as possible.
    Clamped Penis
    Clamped Penis
  5. Kegel blood into the penis.
  6. Leave clamped for desired amount of time. If you are just starting out, leave it on for five to ten minutes.
Side View of Clamped Penis 10 Minutes After Clamp Removal
Side View of Clamped Penis 10 Minutes After Clamp Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long should I leave the clamp on for?
    Once you start using clamping in your routine, the basic rule of thumb per clamping session is 10 minutes. Leaving the clamp on for 10 minutes is the safest way to clamp. You can always add more sets if you do not believe you are getting a maximum workout.
  2. While clamping, my erection slowly subsides quite a bit, is this normal?
    Yes. This is completely normal. However, your penis should still be engorged and plumped. If it turns completely flaccid, try clamping a few more notches, changing your wrap, or adding another clamp.
  3. Does clamping help with length gains?
    In most cases the answer is no. However, clamping has created minute length gains for some.


  • When you first start clamping, do 1 day on and 1 day off. Over time, move up in the number of days on if needed.
  • Kegel throughout the whole clamping session. This continually pushes more blood into the penis, creating greater expansion.
  • Wait Five to Ten minutes between clamping sets.
  • While clamped, get up and move around if possible. This causes more blood to flow to the penis, creating more of an engorgement.

Behind The Ball (BTB) Clamping

BTB Clamping - View From Above
View From Above
BTB Clamping - View From Below
View From Below

You can also clamp behind the balls. Clamping this way tends to expand the part of the shaft you would be unable to expand due to your fat pad and excess skin if you clamp at the base of the penis.

To do this, pull your scrotum forward, parallel with your penis. Then place the clamp behind the balls. Tighten as you normally would; adjusting to your erection size.

Because clamping behind the balls does not leave room for a wrap, pinch is much more common when clamping this way. To minimize this, try lining the clamp with a fabric, such as adhesive strip.

Although many people advocate clamping behind the balls, there are many delicate tissues in the testicles that could be damaged by clamping this way. These tissues include nerves, arteries, the vas, and more. Damaging any of these tissues could cause problems with sperm production or worse (such as ischemia of the tissues, leading to tissue death and gangrene). Your best bet is to clamp as close to the pubic bone as possible.

Adhesive Strip Lined Clamp
Adhesive Strip Lined Clamp

Other Information

Desensitizing is the term used when one has a harder time getting erection due to watching excessive amounts of porn. If you use porn as your method of stimulation, be cautious of this. If you believe you are desensitizing due to the porn, try another method of stimulation.

Two Clamps
Two Clamps

If one clamp is not enough to shut off the blood outflow, then try using multiple clamps. However, before you try this, make sure you are wrapping tight enough. In most cases, a loose wrap is usually the problem if your penis turns completely flaccid during a clamping session. You can put the second clamp at the base, or put the second clamp an inch below the glans, as shown.


Dangers of Clamping

By clamping you are building up an unusual amount of pressure in the penis. If your penis is not conditioned for clamping, or you do not pay attention to your penis while clamping, you can easily cause an injury. The two most common injuries from clamping are thrombose veins and lymph vessels.

Signs to look for while clamping:

Positive signs:
  • Engorged penis
  • Temporary growing.
    It is not uncommon for your penis to experience temporary growth of ½ inch in girth during and after clamping.
  • Veins
  • Apparent growth
Negative signs:
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Penis turning very dark.
    It is normal for the penis darken a few shades during a clamping session. However, if it turns very dark, to the point of black, this is very bad. Note: if your penis color is normally very dark, then use other negative indications to stop.
  • Coldness

If you experience any of these negative signs while clamping, immediately take the clamp off and apply a warm-up to your penis.


Suggested Beginning Clamping Routine

Three sets of ten minute clamps. One day on, One day off.


Exercises while Clamped

Clamping alone causes enough pressure build up to give substantial girth gains. You do not need to do exercises while clamped to obtain results. However, after becoming an experienced clamper, your dick should be conditioned enough to do advanced exercises while clamped.

Take extra caution while doing clamped exercises. Any advanced girth exercise can be done while clamping. If you have not tried an exercise while not clamped, then do not try it with the clamp until you have done so. Some exercises you can try while clamped are:

Clamped Bend
Clamped Bend
  • Clamped Jelqs
    Once the erection dies down Jelq the penis as normal.
  • Clamped Bends
    Use one hand to hold the clamp at the base. With the other hand grab the shaft just under the glans and bend left, right, down and up for 15 to 30 seconds in each direction.
  • Clamped Uli’s
    Grab the shaft and squeeze tightly. Hold this grip for 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Clamped Ballooning (Edging)
    Masturbating to the point of ejaculation over and over while clamped allows you to keep the expanded erection. This keeps the penis expanded for an even longer period of time.

Again, the more intensity added to each exercise while clamped, creates more room for injury if you are not careful. When clamping, slowly ease into a “clamping routine.”