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Homemade Power Jelq, a Jelq Device



Homemade Power Jelq, a Jelq Device

Oct 20 2005
6:02 PM
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Homemade Power Jelq

The "Power Jelq" or "Jelq Device" is a commercial jelqing device using the Jelq Stick principal. It retails for $60, and this is a make at home equivalent for $10 using the same style of canning tongs used on the commercial device, the only difference being the type of foam and the use of plastic rather than metal inner rollers.

The rollers shouldn't rotate in use.

Like the commercial version, the tongs will start to degrade at the pivots after a time and this increases the chances that an arm will detach from a roller. As the arms are sharp metal and the penis is somewhat softer, protecting the end of the arm is a sensible precaution.

This design is simple and quick to construct without the need for tools beyond a sharp knife.

Materials Required

The materials required are:
  • 1 X Mirro Jar Lifter
    from a local hardware store that sells canning/jarring products.
    Cost: 7.99 plus tax.
  • 1 X length of 1/2" diameter foam tubing
    from Lowes (or home depot).
    Cost: .97 cents plus tax.
  • 1 X roll of duct tape
    You hardly use any of this. I had some at home.
    Cost: none.
To construct the power jelq you will also need:
  • A knife or scissors
  • A ruler (optional)

Power Jelq Construction

Here is how I crafted a Power Jelq device:

Detach the plastic rollers from the tongs.

If you are using a ruler, measure the length of the roller and transfer your measurement to the foam tubing. Otherwise simply hold the roller up to the foam tubing and mark a length of foam equal to it's length.

Cut out 2 lengths of foam, to the length you measured.

If you are a perfectionist, you may be annoyed by ragged cuts but they won't effect the operation of the device.

Next, wrap the both plastic rollers with duct tape until the foam tube has a snug fit, when you push it over the roller.

If you don't have duct tape, you could use a self-adhesive medical tape. Try to use a tape that has good water resistant qualities.

You are doing this because the roller isn't quite the inner diameter of the foam tubing!

Take the plastic rollers, and insert them into the foam pieces you cut earlier.

A side note: You can also use the foam piping with the self-adhesive sticky sides. Also polyethylene piping might be a suitable alternative.

Finally, pop the foam covered rollers back onto the tongs.

Now you have a homemade "Power Jelq" device for less than 10 bucks, and about 5-10 minutes worth of work.